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heads and intake manifold upgrade

Looking to upgrade the cylinder heads and intake manifold on my 2010 ss, ls3. already has upgraded Night Fury cam, dual springs, rocker arm upgrade, pushrods, timing set, long tubes, ported throttle body and CAI. is it best to just have the stock heads ported? or are there better castings out there, like trick flow or Mast? Also is the FAST intake manifold the way to go? or is there better?

thanks guys
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GPI ported intake looks good I might be going with that in the near future
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Might want to look at small bore LS7 type head and LS7 intake. They would go nice with that cam...couple of different vendors have versions out there. Many people are going that route now.

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Cam - Some bolt-ons
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^^^ What he said,
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What they said. Mast LS7 Heads and ported Intake here. Imho skip the Fast Intake on an LS3.
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Are you all referring to the MSD LS7 intake or a factory intake?
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old school chevy rodder
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Most porters costs so much its dang near a new set of GMPP cnc ported heads costs with new hollow valves for $1400, and the results will vary ……… now theres a lot of different ways to go, to go cheap in reality why redo your heads? you save money gain would be minimal and not worth the money in reality. LOD speedworks is making a nice intake now that gains lots of top end HP and does not loose torque its in a current thread and its spendy but really pretties up the top end.

The night fury is a good cam but in reality not the most radical, if you really want to throw money out there a set of the gwatney small bore ls7 heads can fit the airforce intake, don't think the LOD intake fits a ls7 pattern intake but rather the ls3 only...though they are supposed to be working on different runners for it. I would suggest though if your going to spend that kind of money to get even more flow a more radical cam will give much better results with the increased flow.....and a stroker would of course even be better.... once you open up the wallet it has a tendency to catch on fire. Fast is rather lame actually, a couple places tried to out do the stock intake and gave up, only late comer is the LOD intake, vararam gave up in supposed patents problems.... MSD did not make a airforce for ls3 as it was not viable, and so we have guys who do a rod mod to get a little more out of stock.

You may want to talk in your neck of the woods to Livernois as if I was up there I would use them. Good luck. Porting only gains when the need is really there and your not really into need with the stock flow being so great, and your cam limited and intake limited some along with the last thing really needing more being the heads. And of course you pull the heads you have to clean the decks, get new gaskets, new baskets, might look at the lifters and of course the cam shape, new pushrods maybe, and money of course matters. You will only be able to get out of the engine what the cam gives basically, you can improve flow all day but you really need the gas to really be needed to add more power and you wont gain much IMO and its been shown like forever as the ls3 heads flow more than ported bbc heads.... Basically the FAST does gain but not much so its better off even for larger displacements. Once again talk to Livernois they do more cars than damn near anywhere on the planet for upgrades and your not wise if you don't use them in your neck of the woods...….. PS my wife's from Deluth……..

Lingenfelter is spendy and nice and all but $$ matters , and most don't go all out race car nasty on stock cubes etc..... non lsx block stuff..... And of course there are better heads out there but will they be worth it....the change in geometry of the twisted wedge is nice but requires different pushrod lengths and is $$$$, mast are nice but small bore ls7 mast even better for flow....and therefore the new Gwatney more affordable and a bargain as mast is expensive and being ls7 style they make it have 1.8 rockers which increases lift so you can run a milder cam...or gain more from the cam you have as it will multiply lift and add to the specs of a ls3 cam... in net effective.... which may be best for you …. of course opinions are like....and your increased lift would mean new springs..... and their cam make the night fury kind of tame... but hey its all in what you want.

Just looked at Livernois...makes me laugh all the packages they have for DIY people but...look at the 419 blocks those are a good deal for a short block comparatively with whats out there..... and hey theres a scat pack charger for like 55k with a 800 hp blower etc....LOL low low miles...…...
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GPI has a head/intake package for their ls7 bore heads and you can get a refund on your current setup. I havnt used them but friends did and had good results
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i sent my stock heads out to texas speed to get them cnc ported and polished. they will also mill them to ur specs if you like. its alot cheaper than buying new heads too. just a thought
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Originally Posted by JooktheSnooke View Post
i sent my stock heads out to texas speed to get them cnc ported and polished. they will also mill them to ur specs if you like. its alot cheaper than buying new heads too. just a thought
I had mine sent to TSP as well for porting. I have been happy with my results doing their cam and ported heads at the same time. Runs really good!
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As mentioned above; A lot has to do with the budget, setup, expectations, and the style of driving. Not all heads will perform the same. What’s the use with using a high flow head if it’s not supported by other components.
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thanks guys, just really looking to take it to the next step without stroking out the motor..yet. want to stay naturally aspirated. just looking for proven gains on a set of new heads and intake, sounds like a fast intake isnt the way to go. better off with potted ls7 heads and intake?
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I have the trick flow Gen X 255 heads. If I could do it all over again I would go with the GPI LS7 top end kit
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Livernois Motorsports

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Hey guys Just wanted to let you know we have some great packages for cam and headers that pick up a ton of power. Now since you already have cam done here is a link to our cylinder heads. We use factory castings and in our 3 stages it can be just a cnc job or all the way to stainless steel valves also and upgraded spring kit. Please feel free to call me at 313-561-5500 ext 126 my name is Jake thank you

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