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Patrick864 RS
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Rough idle/Running rich. HELP

A couple of weeks ago I was driving to the airport, going about 80 or so on the interstate, and all of a sudden my car started to hesitate and bog down. Went down to about 50 before it snapped back normal and ran correctly. Not wanting to ruin my trip, I figured I would worry about it after. So of course when I get back and go to crank up the car would start right up...and then would roughly jump from .2-1k RPM. The lights/dash would flicker with each jump. Could smell gas out of exhaust. After about 2 hours and it being 2am I decided to give it a go again. Cranked up and ran fine 100 miles home. Towed it to a shop and they couldnít figure it out after having it for over a week. They recommend somewhere but heís 2 months out and wonít even return my calls. Iíve heard it could possibly be the TPS, spark plugs/wiring, fuel injector, or MAF. Donít know if anyone has had issues like this but thought Iíd post and see. At this point Iím lost on what to do. But whenever I get it running, Iím trading it in immediately. This car has been a disaster.
When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?
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Seems like you have a supercharged v6 , first thing I'd do is new spark plugs gapped to 0.35 go from there , new o2 sensors would be smart thing to do and new maf and map sensors, do all three and my money is on all your problems going away

And as always run quality gas 91 oct or higher when forced induction
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Drives: LT W/2LT,blue metallic
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is the evap system solenoid on the passenger side vale cover sticking open?mine was sticking and every time i filled it with fuel it would start hard and run horrible for a few seconds.but after that it would run fine until the next fuel stop.are you getting any codes/check engine light?
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I had similar issues when I had a ported throttle body. I changed it back to a new stock unit and the issues went away. This was prior to FI though.
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Originally Posted by davidscamaro View Post
Seems like you have a supercharged v6 , first thing I'd do is new spark plugs gapped to 0.35
Not bein' a schmartazz, but the correct number is .035", NOT .35"....there IS a BIG difference! [.35" is almost 3/8" of an inch, whereas .035" is just over 1/32" of an inch]....I know you know what you meant, just wanting to be "technically" correct.
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old school chevy rodder
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SO a v-6 owner that decided to supercharge....MEH, you went with the Injen intake no v-8 owner will use as they were most known in their early implementation of picking up water in floods and hydrolocking engines destroying them especially in Cal where they don't use storm water well...………. My thoughts are de mod it as you will get nothing but less for your trade in. Return it to stock and you of course will most likely find your problem is gone what ever it could be from if your running with high flow cats your trashing them running rich to not trash the engine..... Most likely you have no cat though and you have to be able to read codes thown to know whats going on and check everything for tightness and just a little loss of the seal of the MAF or its being dirty or the air tube being loose which yours is very long for no real purposeful gain to pick up fresh air.... and of course check plugs and wires....and go from there.....

As they say there's Fast, reliable, and cheap pick any two...………...Murr Good Luck
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