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Old 02-10-2020, 08:24 AM   #15
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when i was looking for a Camaro I was looking for a convertible 1st then everything else.

Ended up picking up a 2012 in 2016 with 18000 miles for 17,000. Of course its the V6, an automatic but it does have the RS package.

Not a configuration I would've bought but i got it for roughly 50% of new. So I was happy with that.

I added a CAI, ported throttle body, jacfab ported intake, jacfab intake spacer, MRT v2 exhaust.

Does it run well, yes, I'm pretty happy with it. Does it have the V8 growl no, performance, no. Am I racing stop light to stop light um no.

I'll probably add a few more exhaust tweaks. My favorite addition is my afterburner tail lights that I never even get to see but they look cool.

I'll also likely get a pro tune this year.

It's a fun car to drive, would a V8 be more fun, from time to time absolutely. Can you make the V6 more fun to drive, sure, is it cost effective. Not really. But unless you're doing it for track days, you can add some oommph to the V6 and it'll still put a smile on your face.
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The 2012 is a heavy car. The 2016 dropped like 350 lbs.
I read somewhere that dropping 100 lbs is equivalent to gaining 7 HP.
So if speed parts are lacking for the LFX, spend your money on weight reduction.
A lot can be done for free and then carbon hood, forged wheels, etc.
I have an LFX in my 66 Chevelle that is about 700lbs lighter than a 2012 Camaro and it feels way more powerful then a 2013 Camaro I drove once. WAY more.
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Save up for FI.
Power is worthless without control. The 2nd protects the 1st.
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