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Drives: 2014 SS/RS. 6.2L V8. 6 spd manual.
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2014 Camaro won't start after installing front facing bumper camera

Hi all,
I'm making this post for my father, who owns a 2014 SS/RS Camaro. It has the 6.2L V8 with a 6 spd manual.

He purchased a kit to install a front facing camera, and went through it step by step. However, once finished, the car won't start.

He's tried to reverse through the instruction to remove it, and go back through and undo the install, but no luck.

It's now been a month or more and he's had no luck with getting it to start.

I don't know the finer details of the camera install, but I'm assuming there's some form of clutch safety switch that's been disconnected.

Can someone give some guidance of what to look for?
Things to check?
What electrical switches does this Camaro have in place that would keep a manual transmission setup from starting?

Thanks for any help.

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Normally with a reverse camera you tap power from the backup lights. What kit is it? Is it a universal or integrated into the head unit?
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Drives: 2014 SS/RS. 6.2L V8. 6 spd manual.
Join Date: Feb 2020
Location: Boise, ID
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The unit is Brand Motion 5000-CA6

For what it's worth, here are the installation instructions:

I was also mistaken and it is a front facing camera, not a backup camera. I edited the original post.

This is the writeup my father did:

I have a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS that I've owned since new. It currently has about 14,000 miles on it. I recently installed a BrandMotion Curb Alert Park View PRO
front nose sensor to better alert me if I pull too far forward toward a curb, etc. as visiblity there is limited.

I attached the sensor under the tip of the front bumper, running the wire lead through the engine bay and into the cabin area. I ran the wire through the firewall along the existing grommet for the hood release cable. I connected the hot lead to the power port in the center console and the negative lead to an existing grounding screw.
I had initially looked for a hot connection under the fuse box under the hood but could not easily access any of the wires so abandoned that approach.

My problem is that when I tried to start the car the dash lights illuminated normally but the starter would not energize as if the clutch wasn't depressing the neutral safety switch.

I have since disconnected the three leads to the BrandMotion sensor, ensured the battery is fully charged, and inspected every fuse in the three fuse boxes throughout the car.

Could I have physically disturbed a vital connection somewhere, to include in or about the fuse box? If so, where? Is there a safety shut-off or fail safe system I don't know about? Any ideas? I'm stumped!
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I think everyone is waiting for someone else to KNOW the right answer. I don't either but will throw out a few ideas.
- We all forget some simple safety interlock things sometimes, so make sure all the boxes are checked. I don't have a manual Camaro but assume it could be
Need someone sitting in the drivers seat
Clutch depressed all the way
Brake depressed
In neutral

Are any lights on, the anti theft light, looks like a key? you can google more on that

fuse info
Are you getting power to those related fuses? A multimeter is only $5 if you don't have one.
I like to swap out for a identical part number relay or fuse when in doubt like this, a fan control or something.

For more info than you wanted to know, last resort right read the instructions...
Full service manual all 10,000 pages or so
Wish he hadn't taken the fuse blocks off, makes it more possible for a broken wire in the wire harness but I wouldn't stress over that until you know its not something like a ground wire left off or bad relay etc.

First and foremost how many volts are you reading up front from the jumper post to engine metal part? I think should be above 12.5v, low 12s can be a problem. Turn on high beam headlights, do they shine bright? Did you try to start it with jumper cables still attached? Either at the battery or up front.

Also I'd disconnect the accessory at where it was connected because simply unplugging it at the "box" won't eliminate a shorted wire in that could be causing all your problems. IDK where it tapped into but that is a good rule of thumb.

Short story (pun not intended but it's there) I installed speaker wiring where twice it did the seemingly impossible and moved itself after I routed it under a cover to EXACTLY under the center of a screw hole that held the piece down, e.g. door sill so inserting the screw went thru the wire! It shorted the stereo and made you think it was a defective stereo not shorted speaker wire. I learned you must tape the wire in place so it doesn't move as you replace the carpet and covers.

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Maybe try to bypass the clutch switch? Jumper wire from one pin to the other should work.
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!st thing I would do is check every fuse.
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