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Originally Posted by SA CHEVY View Post
You lucky S.O.B.!! I was stuck paying $50 just to watch it at home! Anderson spent 22 minutes on his back and one lucky squeeze and he pulls it off. He shoulda flippin lost!!
"One lucky squeeze???"

I don't think so. Sonnen was giving up the submission plenty of times before it finally happened. Not to be rude but if you know how to triangle someone, you would have been screaming at the tv or the cage for Anderson to finally catch him.

It was rediculous. Sonnen threw the fight away as he's done before. Poor guy.
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The TF3 bumblebee vents in the front are wack...when I fist saw it I thought that it wasn't finished yet. Whats the deal they couldn't fabricate any inserts that would smooth out the edges and give it a little depth? I mean its just straight cut into the fender no bodywork there just cuts...

that is the only stupid thing on the car...i think they guy wanted a flashy attention seeking yellow car and that is what he got...

good for him! but i would have them fix the TF3 style cutouts in the front
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Originally Posted by ElManny View Post
yea if anything sonnen cost himself that fight. all he had to do was stick to the game plan but he wanted to finish and kept going for the mount. i saw it coming
Sonnen never went for the mount in that final round. That was his problem, he layed right on top of Anderson with his arms fully exposed (inside Anderson's guard!) and didn't control Anderson's hips.

That is the recipe to get caught.
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ride the pain train
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have to agree the silver dash pieces should have been done yellow but other than that its decent and i am sure turns alot of heads which is the point of a build like this. I don't think he has much to prove to others and doubt anyone is going to pick it apart to his face. lol
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Originally Posted by slicker View Post
nice car. i had Chael to win from the time that the fight was anounced. in watching the fight Chael had that fight in his hand and Chael got caught because he did not stick to the game plan if he had he would have the belt and i would have been spending my money. but anything can happen in MMA. the rematch i still go for Chael.
Rematch you have to go for Anderson. Assuming Anderson's rib is healed he might actually be able to avoid the takedowns and stay on his feet. If so, watch out, because Sonnen will stand in there and trade and of the two, Anderson hits harder and is more accurate.

Plus, Anderson can actually strike and submit from the bottom, as he did to Chael in their fight. So, a more healthy Anderson can probably do better.
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I love everything but the front end, not a big fan of those vents.
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The Jerk
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Never been a fan of WestCoast Customs and it always seems they go too far way above and beyond to impress people with their designs that they end up looking like a hot wheels car that got thrown against a wall, stepped on repeatedly and then dipped in acid and then said "YO CHECK OUT DIZ RIDE S0N! ITS TITE!!".. with your end result as we see here.

Not really impressed with anything on this car at all and it actually detracts from anything that I like with the car itself anymore.
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Question lol

Attached Images
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I like it nice job
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looks ok, just not feelin it tho.
My build the pic. COTW 10/24/11
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I would ask for my money back. I hate West Coast Customs, they are too unoriginal. Every car they do gets the same treatments. I think all it is missing is some screens on the mud flap / splash guard things.
1968 Chevy Nova- 350, T-350, 4.11 rear gears. SOLD
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wow that is was clean looking camaro and i think it looks amazing
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those front inserts are WAY to far from center.
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OK, I wanted to stay out of this but I have to say on a personal note....... just another lazy body work slop job by WCC. Stock brakes, stock engine, and CAI, stereo and paint.

On this guy's budget he could have done some extremely unique and classy work even without PERFORMANCE mods and still kept some of his signautre logos but went with some gimmicky crap instead by the biggest posers in the entire automotive scene. If anyone else has had the chance to view any of their work up close, you know what I mean.

The "transformers" ducts dont even follow the body line right, just straight across the top?? How come people don't realize they are actually hurting the handling and performance of the car with the stupid wide rear fenders?? It's not always about just going fast, but there is something that can be said about at least doing the job right and educating the customer on adding show without hurting go. And for the record, YES I can and have built cars FAR better than this so if he wants it fixed, YES he can call me and YES I will tell him to his face what these hacks did to his Camaro.

:updown: WCC =
Check out the shoes on ma new whip yo! It's bliggin foo! Its got a 5 bazillion watt stereo (only 1 alternator) and it weights 10,000 pounds thanks to ma kustom painted WCC batteriez so I didnt even need a new suspenzion to lower it! Itz tha dopest! Don't forgetz I gotz an extra 500 pounds of bondo to form ma kustom body kit too dawg! And I got ma zen garden in ma center conzole and ma girlz shoe rack that comez out da trunk!!!!

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