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You see, everyone? Can we all relax now? GM will build your Camaro, whether it be a V6 or V8, as soon as they can perfect the car and start production.
FenwickHockey65's GM Thread!

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Originally Posted by DeathChill View Post
Am I the only one who takes this with a grain of salt? We had already heard that there wouldn't be a problem with V8's from fbodfather and now we're hearing the exact opposite from GM.

I definitely don't blame fbodfather, but I'd prefer that things weren't said unless they were 100% true and unchangeable.
What did YOU HEAR from GM?

All you heard a partial clip and then some ones "educated guess" as to what they thought it meant.

Good grief there are over 10,000 orders, they said it would take them the first three quarters to build those cars, did you think that as soon as production started that EVERYONE would get their car that day?

I've ordered a car before, it takes time for a normal production vehicle to be special ordered, not to mention a first run of a car.

There are no such thing as an "unchangeable" everything is subject to change.
Back Street Performance has done a great job with ALL my Performance & Suspension mods, highly recommend them (Rich@BSP) he's in my friends list.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
....sorry but we're putting the final touches on NAIAS so I was not able to get on the site for the past couple of days -- but I started to read thru the IDL thread -- and DEAR GOD there is WAY too much mis-information out there.

Camaro Greg -- Please stop trying to 'interpret'.... While I believe your motives are honest and and well-meaning, you are -- perhaps unintentionally -- misleading people with some of what you are saying. I don't have the time to print off the thread, but there are just too many things that you -- and other people are 'interpreting' and most of it's wrong...............


1. The one month delay is to bring you the BEST POSSIBLE Camaro ever....Let me assure you that the 'easy' thing to do would be to build the car -- get your money -- and then have you bring the cars back for 'little dissatisfiers' -- which, in reality would be upsetting to most people that they had to take a new car back for service -- .......and we are NOT willing to do that. The Camaro team feels that we need to sweat every detail on this car so that you will be completely satisfied at delivery - but MORE importantly -- you'll still have that grin on your face years after delivery.

BELIEVE ME - no one wants to 'delay' a start-up -- but we are doing this in YOUR interest as well as ours. (.....we could use the money right now....but it isn't worth it to ignore little nuances that need to be addressed.......)

2. We are NOT focusing only on V6s. We understand -- and frankly, are blessed -- that we have so many Camaro enthusiasts that have turned this car into a lifestyle -- (and some might say: addiction!)

Now for a personal comment: whomever feels we don't care about enthusiasts is living in a vacuum.
I could list for hours the things we have done to involve our valued enthusiasts in everything about this car........from electing "the 12 disciples of which there are 15" to sharing information about this car LONNGGGGGGGGGG before we -- or any other manufacturer -- has done ....EVER........

I have personally put in thousands of hours of my own time to keep the community together -- and to try and keep the faith within the community. I don't expect anyone to thank me -- or to 'cowtow' to me -- I chose to do it because, like you, I LOVE THE CAMARO -- and it was -- and is -- the right thing to do.......but when I hear someone say "GM doesn't care about us" I get a *bit upset*......

We ARE going to provide each dealer with a new Camaro -- for many reasons: We want people to come in and sit in the car -- to drive the car -- to fall in love with the car -- and to order the car of their dreams -- and we're doing it with the V6 car because we KNOW that a large percentage of our enthusiasts want a V8 engine -- so rather than build a 'stock' V8 -- we'll build V6s for stock -- and build V8s to get you your 'sold' order as soon as we can.

I know for a fact that many dealers have asked us to build them a 'stock' car so that they can have a "Camaro Celebration" with their local Camaro clubs. And -- it's no surprise that most of these cars will be Silver -- because, you see -- the Silver Concept blew people away --even people who would never normally consider a Camaro as their 'car of choice' -- and the production car is a dead ringer to the concept --......

.....oh - by the way -- CAFE will play a role in future years of the Camaro -- but right now, we're safe.......

We are not **completely stupid** -- we KNOW how badly you want your new Camaros -- and it's our intent to do whatever we can to get them to you ASAP -- BUT - we won't ship cars until we're confident that we've taken care of any outstanding issue.

Now -- I must warn you -- John, Cheryl and I are going to be tied up with NAIAS for the next several days -- so we won't be able to come onto this site at will and answer your questions - and if the thread goes to a couple of hundred posts -- I won't be able to read 'em all.......

What I would simply ask you to do is know that:

>We are BLESSED to have you as a Camaro Enthusiast
>We want your new Camaro to be the best car you've ever owned..
>We only wish we could see the grins on your collective faces the first time you get behind the wheel -- turn the key -- and drive at a *lively pace* out of the dealership.
>We are working long into the night to address any issues that we feel need to be addressed before shipping new Camaros to you.
>We want to sell as many Camaros as possible -- because that allows us to work on a 6th gen........but to do that, we also know that the car has to appeal to more than just enthusiasts -- and that's where the V6 comes into play.......

Thanks for your continued patience -- I think you'll find the wait was more than worthwhile..........

Scott!!! You have NO IDEA how much better you made me feel!

Although this car has stirred more emotion in me than any other car to date, I couldnt help feeling a lil hard done by watching the vid of those two dudes sitting side by side saying that the $2000 (yes two thousand deposit) I just paid went into the dealer's bank account or GM's bank account as a group deposit to sit and accrue interest when all I got was a piece of paper to say I signed up to a marketing scam! Thats how I felt after that vid. Those guys need shooting I tell you.

I feel much calmer now.

should I sue for pain and suffering LOL!!
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guess i'll use the extra month to learn how to drive stick.

Love @ 1st sight
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Originally Posted by NVMY68SS View Post
Hey Scott,

Good to see you on here posting so much. Hate that it had to be the panic du jour.

I know this is a small thing in light of some of the frustations exhibited today, but can you provide any insight on the second letter issue?

What, when, where, how, etc.?

There's a lot of mis-information associated with that as well.

Thanks for your reassuring posts about the re-timed launch. I was more in a wait and see how it played out mode of thinking already, but your response helped ease the anxiety.
As per the IDL, contact your dealer. We can contact the team through Chevy Launch and resolve with your order number.

Scott, THANKS for injecting some sanity!! See you in Philly if your going.
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come to poppa
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took me a complete day to read the whole IDL thread ...and then this. whew! Thanks fbodfather...i'm keeping the faith that I'll get my 2SS/RS in a reasonable timeperiod

Cancelled the 2010 SS/RS (for now) and bought this instead (2009 Harley FLHX)
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Rogue Leader
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Thanks Scott.

I feel like I have been so good with avoiding the doom and gloom.... And then today I just fell into the trap. I was so wound up waiting for the car and I totally broke when I saw that 1 month wait... Then to see 2 different versions of dealers explaining things. And we all know theres 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs, and the truth.

This is not to demean the evs guys or Scotty, I highly appreciate their help to the community, I think we all do. But we all based our meltdown (me included) on to their perceptions.

I watched the bits of video and I don't feel I had the same impression as they did.... as well I even said somewhere in the other post that the timeframes just don't make sense. Where are all these cars that the factory will be producing going to go? They have to go somewhere.... It just doesn't make sense really....

So thank you Scott for clearing things up. As I said in the other post you can only tell us what you know and are able to, and you have not misled us, only our perceptions have.

(So to reneg on my comment from before I will not be purchasing a Challenger R/T this summer.... I'm pretty sure my Camaro will be delivered by then!)
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Originally Posted by NUCAR View Post
As per the IDL, contact your dealer. We can contact the team through Chevy Launch and resolve with your order number.

Scott, THANKS for injecting some sanity!! See you in Philly if your going.
Uhm, OK, then it was addressed some today. What do I tell them, or ask them? I've already called them this week and they knew nothing. How does this relate to the 20 different responses when you call the 800 number?
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Of course you can call me "Scott" -

That's my name!

....and besides....I much prefer it to, say, Shirley .....or Bertha.......
HAHAHA thanks for everything.... Bertha.... WOW

I'm kind of irritated i forgot the IDL was today.
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Mike Grasso
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As always the consumate gentleman. Hope the kids didn't get your blood pressure to high, go relax if you can, things will and are, getting better.

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Originally Posted by NUCAR View Post
As per the IDL, contact your dealer. We can contact the team through Chevy Launch and resolve with your order number.

Scott, THANKS for injecting some sanity!! See you in Philly if your going.

I'll be there! Be watching for a post shortly about a special invitation to the Philly show for Camaro enthusiasts --

(send me a note at work next week -- ...)
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Originally Posted by Chemical View Post
Hmmm... CAFE to play a role in the future? I know that doesn't mean the Camaro will go away... so we're getting a hybrid? Electric Voltmaro?
No, but Chevy had talked for a while about this chassis fitting 4 CYLINDER ENGINES. If they do this, they would meet CAFE standards, but the resale value would plummet, and the weight of the car would make it sluggish as hell. Chevy has wanted a Camaro in every household so...

I don't think it would ever happen, I pray it doesn't. But people need to know the possibilities.
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Thanks for posting this Scott!

Also thanks for sharing the story behind the avatar I was trying to place the paint scheme!

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"Stand Down Red Alert!"

Thanks Scott - You're the best. Any chance we'' see you at the Toronto Autoshow in February? I feel like I owe you a handshake for this.

"BBOMG - More than just a car show.... It's an experience!"
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