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Dances With Mustangs
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Things to do before you go to the Fest

Just wanted to remind people of a couple of things. Weather-wise it looks like it might be in the 90's or higher so bring sunblock; especially those of you from colder states that aren't used to Arizona sun. Bring bottled water for your trip there. Not only is it hot but it's very very dry and you can dehydrate quickly if you aren't drinking enough water.

For those driving in events, BRING DRIVING GLOVES. Not only do steering wheels get very hot in the Arizona sun but your hands will sweat and that's not a good combo on the track.

For those racing in the autocross and HPDE events, CHANGE YOUR BRAKE FLUID from the factory fluid to a high-boiling point fluid like Super Blue or something equivalent. Check this thread to get all the info:

It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you do this before you get on the track. Your brake fluid can boil in a normal track event but if it's also 100 degrees outside you can count on it if you don't upgrade to a performance brake fluid. Boiling brake fluid means you lose your brakes; go into a corner and press the pedal and.....nothing. Ask Tag how exciting that is. Super Blue or it's equivalent works perfectly well for normal driving too so you can upgrade and use it all the time.

Everyone drive safe, be safe and see you all there!

Blue Angel is here!!
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Is Doc an Doctor, good advise! As a desert rat myself I will tell you not to leave any toolls in the sun either, they really get hot and can burn you hand when its over 100. Dont even ask what a hot seat can do to your legs in shorts.
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SoCal C5 Family Member
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Thanks Doc, thats great advice!!! Look forward to seeing you there!!!
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US Navy Vet
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Thanks Doc for reminding everyone that they need to bring sunblock, and drink plenty of water during the fest. Yes, you can get red as a lobster very quickly due to the intensity of the sun here in AZ and also dehydrate as you are not sweating.
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Mr Twisty

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Good thread... Tarmac will make 90 feel like 120. I'm bringing my farmer John straw hat

Another thing is have your car checked out before the trip... Either yourself, or have alignment shop go over the underside, they'll probably do it for cheap if not free. If you have aftermarket suspension ESPECIALLY have this done. Also Fluid levels tire pressures etc.

I'm sure tech at the fest will be checking, beat em to it
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-- Benjamin Franklin
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We (Blackhawk, Ordieman, Cruzn-SS) just did fluids today - including brakes. Had read thread from Tags adventure. Busy day to say the least but feel much better knowing all is done with a few days to make sure all is good prior to trip.
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I am changing the oil, flushing brake fluid with Motul 600, cleaning air filter, cleaning the catch can, changing air in tires to Nitrogen, alignment, checking coolant level, windshield washer fluid level. Gonna be ready to leave next Wednesday morning to meet up with the crew from the east !! Everyone be safe and see ya at the FEST !!
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I'm coming all the way from Wisconsin but I'm being lazy and flying out. I'm taking the big road trip up to Oshawa in June instead I still love the West Coast and the people out there. The best part is I arrive in Phoenix at 10:50am Thursday morning and I don't have to leave till 11:50pm Sunday night
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