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I think some Camaro guys are going to lament the hp and tq being moved higher in the rev range and the fact that headers will no longer be possible.....but on the other hand more power is more power and it will be fun to hold gears and ring this thing out to 7K.

My guess is that most of the FE4 suspension can be easily retrofitted to the earlier V8s and all V6s cars.
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Originally Posted by Shardik2SS View Post
The hood is hideous but the interior doesn't look too bad. Is this only coming as a V6 model?
Option on 2LT or 2SS.
FenwickHockey65's GM Thread!

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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Option on 2LT or 2SS.
I'm sure it will be successful.
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Originally Posted by phenixdragon View Post
I don't think anyone wanted a camera in the mirror. They want it in a touch screen nav system like just about every other non-GM car has an option for.

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Red face

Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Compared to the 3.6L V-6 in 2011 models, the new LFX engine features...
So the highly tuned and customized setup from the factory indicates to this greenhorn that the LFX engine will probably take longer to get significant aftermarket support...not to mention damping existing demand for the LLT if there isn't much similarity between them. I would like to see the V6 aftermarket, what little there is compared to the V8, not be further diluted by completely changing everything, but I would also like to date a supermodel and have a 5000 sqft shop to work on and store project cars.

In the long run, this is what's best for GM and the Camaro, so my complaints are rather hollow and my reasons for not considering the 2012 rather shallow (colors, love my SGM). I guess that so as long as they get at least something in the V6 family that they can make a crate for I'll be ok.
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Does want! Not a fan of stripe but eh, the rest more than makes up for it!!!
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except for the suspension, which I can do myself, nothing about it looks better to me than having the synergy green I wanted! Thanks GM
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All I wanted for 2012 was for my car to transform into a transformer!

Come on Fbodfather! Can we get a little help on that...

Overall I like the changes. I just wish they still came out with a stripped down Z28 to compete/obliterate the Boss Mustang...
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Well, this was enough to bring out my first post on C5 (no longer a lurker!). I'm with the majority here that I like it all but the exterior stripes. I really like that the tri-bar Camaro logo is making a comeback, even if it's only on the 45th edition (gotta start somewhere).

I look forward to seeing more pictures of the updated interior; hopefully a smaller shift knob (similar to ZL1) will also be appearing. Also looking forward to learn more about the FE4 suspension and how much of a difference it makes, as well as confirmation that those wheels shown are also part of the suspension package or are just for 45th as it's a V6 RS shown.

Lastly, while the body color shark fin is a step in the right direction, I will not rest until the O/X antenna is fully integrated like the Corvette (side mirror). 3.90 gears would be a welcomed option as well, but I digress...
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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
all sounds great,the v-6 is gonna be strong,for a v6 car,all these improvements,gm got all us enthussists with first edition,i too think that g.m. should offer us sight unseen camaro buyers that bought the r6p (i think that was the option) camaro a special loyal owners discount (rebate) if we upgrade,
AMEN to that ! Awesome idea !
I LOVE mine too, but ...
This looks VERY intriguing. Best way to get the word out, as did for first several owners, is give those who will share the word incentive.

Keep it going GM, love this car, love the attention it is getting in the lab !
Anxious to see how the new V6 performs vs. my Flowmaster exhaust, CAI, standard 304hp V6.
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Originally Posted by Grandeos View Post
I spy LS7 Concept wheels ......
Sorry if this has already been answered, does anyone know if the LS7 wheels come with a specific package? I really hope they are available separately from the factory.
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love. my. car.
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hmm still no mention of a new blue? That is so weird. IBM is not the best blue for the Camaro and ABM was discontinued way too early. Why does everybody except me hate blue? This car would look awesome with an awesome lighter than IBM metallic blue. It doesn't necessarily have to be ABM light, but IBM is pretty much black unless the sun is shining directly at it.

I like the interior changes. I'd get used to the steering wheel. The hands-free BT buttons are hard to reach without taking your hand off the wheel on the current models.

Is there a change to the rear bumper below the license plate? I wonder why the SS or at least the L99 didn't get a slight HP boost this year. I mean why not show up the Mustang GT?

The body color shark fin is a good idea. black works with my color scheme, but not with most other colors.
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I want
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Nice progression. Always welcome improvements of this substance happening at an early age of the car.
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