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Drives: 2011 Synergy Green 2SS
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First Scratch on Front Bumper - HELP

Decided to drive in to work this morning (Boston) and normally never park where there is a curb as to avoid hitting front bumper. Whelp.....didn't take my own damn advice and just barely hit curb..and I mean BARELY. Now front passenger side bumper has a nice deep scratch (to black plastic and about 3 inches). So I need your help and advice. Do I attempt to touch up myself or take to dealership and have them fix? I can take road rash, but this one really has me bent. My own damn fault! Thanks in advance for the advice! 2011 Synergy Green SS by the way.
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If you cut down to the plastic, you're already past the paint and primer. I'd go to a paint shop and have them look at it before attempting a home repair that could make it worse. Respraying a front end is around $300 just in case you're wondering.
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On a different note...You got your first one out of the way, it gets a little easier from that point
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I would have a body shop fix it but that is because I suck at body work.

You could buy touch up paint. I am sure it will only last for a couple months.
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Drives: 2012 45th Camaro, 2SS/M6
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what color is the car? dark is worse. a picture would be good, but generally if you can run your fingernail across it and you feel it, it's deep enough to not be buffed out. if it's down to the plastic, touch-up paint plus light wet-sanding plus a machine polish will make it basically impossible to notice if it is indeed as small as you imply. i think wet-sanding is really easy, but if you don't know how to do it don't even try. most people freak out when they wet-sand and it mars the paint badly and don't have the patience to buff out the scratches left from the sandpaper, or keep going with the sandpaper expecting to make it look better and then wind up going through the paint coats altogether. a shop shouldn't charge you much, but probably $100 or so. way too much IMO, but it will make it look the closest to perfect as you can get without repainting the entire bumper.

or you can just put the touch-up paint on as delicately as you can and not wet-sand, and it will look OK. a lot of times if you aren't going to wet-sand, then touch-up paint only makes it look more obvious.
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That will cost you about $400. I fixed mine the first time. I gave up after that. LOL!! I guess the car is just too low. Good luck.
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Adam's Polishes

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If you're down into the plastic (which it sounds like you are) this is gonna be a bodyshop type job in all likelihood.

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Been there...twice

Costs about $400 to have repaired. You cannot do it yourself. I haven't even bothered repairing the second one at this point. It's so low, you can't see it unless you're under the car. I'm gonna wait til the rock chips are super bad and just redo the whole thing.
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Drives: 2011 VR 1SS
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Just gave mine it's first ouchie last night! Down by the front fog, I hit it with my dirt bike foot peg :(. Scraped the paint down to the plastic, but it is only about the size of a bug! I masked off around, wrapped some 1000 grit around a pencil eraser, scuffed and painted. It is very noticeable up close, but not from 5 feet.

My advice that I am following is to touch it up a bit but leave it. I supersticiously believe that all cars are going to have something, and if you have something that small and out of the way fixed, then something worse will happen!
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