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Drives: 96 camaro v6
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what sounds best?

hey i have a pretty tough question i been debatin on and need/want some help.

i have a 96 camaro 3.8 (LS )
has 158,000 miles on it

my question is should i keep it or get rid of it and find a new camaro.
it has fresh paint,tint , new raditor , clutch, and motor seems to runs strong.

the cons are ac needs to be fully replaced, rear main seems to be leakin(idk how much that would be) and everytime i fix somethin, somethin later comes in n needs to be replaced. i know its prolly cuz it has that many miles on and over 10 years old. but i like it cuz the v6 is really good on gas and the fresh paint n tint makes it look amazin. and its the first time havin a chevy so i dont know whats best to put on a v6. i was thinkin just addin some bolt ons and a flow master exhhuast and in till motor needs to be rebuilt or replace and maybe evern puttin a s/c 3.8 if i do replace it. i will get some pics to show ya but ill appericate it.
p.s to my dad told me not to buy it and thinks im going to end up selling it so i sorta wanna prove his ass wrong. i got it for a really good price to. he doesnt love a chevy like i do

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IMHO, I would keep it, and keep your eye out for a better V6 (if you don't want 8 cylinder) and just try to take a best care of it as possible.

IDK...just a guess.
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