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GM 4 Pack Gauge install and pics

One of the things I missed out on my new SS was the gauge pack. Before I even bought the car I had seen pictures of the interior and thought the gauges were cool as hell, and had a cool retro feel to them as well as being functional. I'm not a big interior modification guy, but I knew these were going in when the time was right. Then Gene at GMPARTSHOUSE came out with a new kit that priced better than any I had seen online; even eBay. And it didn't come with cheesy zip ties. So I pulled the trigger and ordered from Gene. Here are my install tips and pics. This is not meant to be a step by step, just some helpful pics and hints.

First, this was the kit I ordered:

It came 4 days after I ordered it (tracking number was provided) and everything was packed neatly with plenty of packing material and a set of instructions.


This picture does not include the new wire harness but it was included.

This is the back of the kit. No zip ties here. Everything's held firmly in place:

This was the only tool I used, along with a pair of sharp scissors: A small flathead screwdriver covered with some electrical tape to prevent scratching the plastic.

First I popped the passenger side console trim off by gently starting a corner with the screwdriver and then gently pulling near the clips. You can tell where the clips are by the resistance. It came off easily and I set it aside. It helps to have the seat leaning all the way back.

Next I gently popped an edge of the center console by using my handy screwdriver. I started very carefully and it came up easily.

In order to get the old piece out you have to have it (Auto) in N, or further back. If you leave it in P you won't be able to get the piece out.

Here are the two pieces side by side; disconnected but with the TC switch and lighter still in.

Once you get the console piece out you will see there are several cables connected. Disconnecting them is pretty straight forward except for the cigarette lighter.

To disconnect the TC button you first disconnect the cable running to it and then depress the little plastic wedges on the underside of the switch assembly and push it out/up of the console. I don't have a good pic of this, but as long as you depress both little wedges it will pop up with minimal force (left side of above photo).

The cigarette lighter caused me some headache (and a scratch) so here's the proper way to do it. First, it is a 2-piece assembly: metal and plastic. To get this out you need to pull VERY gently back on the little plastic wedges on either side of the assembly, and start to push the metal insert up and out.

You are successful when the metal insert if completely out. You can then push the plastic insert out of the console. Notice the chip out of the plastic. That was from me trying to pry it out.


Once the TC switch is out you can simply push it into the new console. To put the lighter assembly back in you push the plastic piece in first. There is a small groove on the side of the metal piece which lines up with the plastic insert. Don't try to force it in; just line it up and push it in.

I then decided to make my wire harness connection. The harness is just in front of the parking brake lever.

To connect your new wire harness you simply unplug the existing harness and snap your new harness in between the old pieces. It's hard to mess this part up.

My next step was to wire up my new console. This is pretty straight forward, just connect the wires from the old console onto the new one. Just keep in mind how the old set up was and transfer it over to the new one. This is the pic of them side by side again. I just moved everything over. Easy.

Note: I removed the wires from the little plastic bands with a pair of sharp scissors, being careful to not cut any wire.

Now I put the car back in N to put the new gauge pack in place.

I then ran the new cable (coming off the new hire harness) up under the console so it would be concealed under the new console.

Then you just plug the new cable connection into your new gauge pack in the only slot left (hopefully) and it's connected! It's ALIVE!

Just tuck the wires neatly away under the new console, taking care to leave room around where the lighter contact is. (You'll see it. It's a little silver contact surface under where the lighter makes contact when its depressed). Then gently push the new gauge console back and up, and snap it down. Almost there!


Go ahead and start the car up and make sure your TC and lighter work. Why? Because if you get in a hurry and don't connect your TC cable you might put everything back together, push your TC button and see nothing happen. You might worry that you jacked your car up and have to disassemble the side panel and console to find out that you forgot the plug the freakin' TC cable in.

TC good? Lighter good? Then we're looking good! Just need to snap the passenger side console panel back in place and clean up using a microfiber cloth. Perfect fit!

How about a night check!


Overall, I would rate this install as novice level. I would say 30-45 minutes would be plenty of time to do this. It took me about 40, and that included the TC scenario I outlined above and the cigarette lighter of death, AND I left the instructions at work!

Sweet mod that not only looks cool, it gives you info about how your car is doing as well. Can't beat it!

Thanks, Gene, for the great product. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to help. Thanks!
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Great install "how to". Maybe you should do a submission to Camaro Performers or Camaro Now . lol !! No seriously looks sweet good job!!!
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very nice i think anyone that has a camaro should have that. not that ugly ash tray
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Nice Job!
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Nice. I wish my gauges were still located in the center console. Mine were relocated to the glove box for installation of the Kenwood DNX 7140.
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OP - thanks for posting this....really, really helpful for a novice like me. And your tip about the price helps a bunch also. Thanks again.
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domano 68
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Nice write up, thanks.
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crazy, mine didn't come with screws to attach the gauges to the replacement bezel, i had to zip tie mine. i thought something was missing. great write up, wish i'd have had it last month!
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Dealership where I bought my car sells this for $279.
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Gene Culley
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Thank you for your business and providing the write-up. Our kit is the only kit that has the hardware, just like the factory!
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No problem, Gene. Great product at a great price IMO.
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So Cal Camaro5 Race Team
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great write up and pics, now if you can only put in arrows to the clip points. I stil have to install my PDMI as well

And I agree about Gene and Patrick at GMPARTSHOUSE, they are customer service pros
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Great DIY
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Originally Posted by baclarsen View Post
Dude, you go through cars faster than I go through underware!!
1000 Initial Order 9/14/2009 - Classic Chevy Sugar Land
1100 Order accepted at dealer: 9/15/2009 - NPGV41.
2000 Order accepted by GM: 9/29/2009
3000 Accepted By Production Control: 9/30/2009 - TPW 10/26/09
3100 Sequenced:10/12/09
3300 Scheduled For Production:10/13/09
3400 Broadcast:10/22/09
3800 Produced:10/27/09
4000 Available To Ship:10/28/09
4200 Shipped:10/29/09
5000 Delivered To The Dealer:11/09/09
6000 Delivered To Customer:11/12/09
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Originally Posted by Buffnshine View Post
great write up and pics, now if you can only put in arrows to the clip points. I stil have to install my PDMI as well

And I agree about Gene and Patrick at GMPARTSHOUSE, they are customer service pros
I'm not sure how to add arrows but I'll check into it. Thanks.
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