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What's a Good Price a MINT Gen 3?

My seach for a 3rd Gen Camaro continues and I am seeking a little advice on two I look at this weekend, because pricing is all over the place on these cars with most owners asking several thousands above any book values that I have seen.

The first was a 1985 IROC, 1 owner w/ 42,211 original miles, engine code "F", AUTO, RED and in MINT condition, everything works including the A/C and the owner has all the paper work including the window sticker

The second was a 1992 RS Convertable, 2 owner, w/ 54,111 original miles, V8, AUTO, White with Black top, MINT, no paperwork.

Both owners are asking $10,500 obo and hinted they would go a "little lower".

Seems like the 92 is a better priced as the book value is much higher than the IROC, any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.
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I'll lend my opinion since I have had 9 3rd gens over the years and currently still have a 91 and 92 Z28....The 85 IROC might be close since it is a first year IROC but the 92 RS is way off in price. PM me if you have any questions....
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As a lover of 3rd gens, the prices above seem high on the IROC and maybe a tad high on the convertible '92. In fact, I have seen convertible '92 Z28's in that price range, so I would keep looking. There were a lot of these made...keep looking.
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The 85 IROC is probably the better car to have since it is an IROC-Z, which in 1985, was the ultimate Camaro. The 92 RS is a base model car in 92 with the L03 motor. The TPI in 85 was a much better engine than the L03 and the options on the 85 are probably better because of it being an Z28.

The price seems very high for that mileage on a 92. As was mentioned, you could get a 1992 Z28 convertible with similar miles for less than that. The price on the 85 is probably in line with the car's documentation, condition and what it is.
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The Iroc would be better but thats past top dollar for it.. it has 42,000 on it.
8500 cash would be my offer and only if its in pristine shape
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Old 08-31-2011, 07:22 PM   #6
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Just an update, the owner has lower the price to $9,000. Selling cars in the Cleveland Ohio market is tuff. I may pick it up this weekend, will keep everyone posted.

Thanks for all your comments and advice.
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Old 08-31-2011, 07:25 PM   #7
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Man, I'd shake a baby for a '92 Firehawk. Last I saw, those were going for around 50k

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It really depends. I don't think there are very many actual mint conditioned 3rd Gen's around anymore. Maybe if someone kept it away for along time and made sure it was kept full of fluids and stuff. Or if someone rebuilt the car from scratch and it was in mint shape but most 3rd Gen's are either going to be totally crap, in good shape for it's age or almost perfect shape and in that case you'll pay abit more for it. It really depends on alot of variables though. I paid over $4,000 for mine 3 years ago almost and it was in very good shape for it's age. Almost rust free underneath, floor pans are still in great shape and so forth. I got mine with 122k original miles on the engine/tranny/body. Bottom line is that if you plan on owning a 3rd Gen, know that they are all money pits, no matter how nice they are.

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