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Pohanka Chevrolet in Chantilly Virginia

This thread is to discuss my recent dealings with Pohanka Chevrolet.

Last week I had them install the SLP Under-Drive Pulley on my car.
A few days later I notice my air conditioner is not working. Air is blowing out, but no colder than the vents. I frequently use my A/C so I know it is a new issue.
I return to Pohanka and deal with Chad in the service department. They take my car in and check out the A/C system. A few minutes later, chad informs me that it is not a compute issue and that it is either in need of a recharge, Ora new compressor. I have them recharge the system. Maybe 20 minutes goes by, and chad comes back and tells me that while recharging the system, the mechanic noticed a critical leak. The leak is from one of the intake/output valves on the compressor, which has broken off. He then tells me that this valve, which is actually a part of the compressor body, and is not replaceable, and that it has cause total system failure and that I will need a new compressor.
This is around $700 for parts, recharge, and labor.
Then Chad tells me that this valve is directly very close to new Under-Drive Pulley, and that more than likely the mechanic broke it when installing the pulley last week. Therefore, Pohanka is installing a new A/C compressor at no cost to me.
The install took two more hours, but I didn't care, as it wasn't having to shell out big $$$ for a new compressor.

This was also a huge shock as I have dealt with other dealerships in the past, and to call them shady and dishonest would be a compliment. For example, in the summer of 2009, I had total A/C failure in my nearly brand new 2008 Toyota Tacoma. I took it to the local dealership in Lima Ohio, because of what I thought was Toyota's ironclad 36,000 mile warranty. As it turns out, there was a hole in the A/C condenser, which needed replacement. Approximately $175 in parts and $400 for labor and recharge. Keep in mind that it was HOT outside so I really needed my A/C, and my truck had about 21,000 miles on it.
The dealership claimed that I could have put the hole there or more than likely it was a rock from the highway, and that they wouldn't cover any of the cost. I also mentioned that it could have simply been a weak spot in the condenser, but since I couldn't prove it, they refused to even help a little with the cost.
So Booo on Toyota,
Boo on the local dealership in Lima Ohio
And of course,

+1 for Chad and Pohanka Chevrolet in Chantilly Virginia.
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