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thats what the other site if for
Consult your doctor before taking Camaro
Side effects include Sudden increase in Heart Rate, Insomnia and occasional hallucinations
If you experience Permagrin exceeding 4 hours after taking Camaro, seek immediate Camaro5 Help
CAMARO Bringing excitment back into the Garage
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I hate everyone equally....just to keep j/k
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My Addiction
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Originally Posted by GreenWithEnvy View Post
I hate everyone equally....just to keep j/k
LOL I'm with you, only I'm not joking!
Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
You sound like my first she was.........but after a few rides in it and seeing me giggle lik a schoolgirl she was more like ............but then when I told her we could get her Vert lowered to match my stance she was like so it all worked out.
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There is always someone faster or with more power. It never ends but when I used to show off my Cobra, I would never talk down to a V-6 or I-4 owner, because if no one bought those, there would be no V-8's... If I bought a V-8 I wouldn't drive it as much and paying more for less enjoyment doesn't make sense to me or the wife.
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user bann'd
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I think the V6 Camaro's are bangin!

Chantilly Lace, the 2011 Rockabilly Jukebox..ADM built..617rwhp, geared A6.
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there are some ignorant mods here too but I wont call them out before I get banned. You have some SS owners that are respectable and very knowledgeable and my hats off to those, but then you have the "redneckSS", who can't stand to see the little v6 look better or almost catching up with their SS and in some cases even pass them. There's always going to be haters regardless of if they own an SS or m3. Is just the nature of humans. The thing that piss me off the most is receiving hate from your own v6 so called brothers. I try to treat everyone equal and I really dont see any fun in being ignorant in real life or on a internet forum. Dont pay those ignorant f**ks any mind. Most of them are a bunch of internet clowns anyway.
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well said
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SoCal HT5 *COTW 8/26/13*
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well im with SoCal Head Turners and we have a few v6s (me Included) and not a sigle guy with a v8 baggs on us meaningfully about us having a v6.

it really seems like its just the person in generals personality. . .BUT it does seem like typical v8 owner tends to be an a$$. . . i dont feel like im an a$$ all the time haha but i do want to get a V8 in the future. iv been bit by the speed bug and crave the power and sound.
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They are jealous of our mpg
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SoCal HT5 *COTW 8/26/13*
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Originally Posted by UNDsioux View Post
They are jealous of our mpg
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Death Before Dishonor
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I got my V6 to be a daily driver. I love it, it's everything I have wanted and it can reach 30 miles a gallon for me. If I want to tear up the street and destroy what I come across I pull my 68 C10 out of the driveway. It has a 406 small block pushing over 500 horse and torque at the crank. I destroyed an SS yesterday on the freeway, and with my exhaust I rattled his brains because he had his windows down. I just don't drive it that often because going 50 miles an hour I only get 13 miles a gallon. Hence why I bought a V6.
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Originally Posted by PETRA View Post
LOL I'm with you, only I'm not joking!
+1...except i wave to camaros if they're looking.
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Old 08-12-2011, 09:09 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by MMC View Post
OK SS owner here, I wave to all Camaros and Vettes and the V6 owners never wave back, the Vette owners do. Goes both ways.

I wave to people in camaros all the time. most look at me like why is he waving lol.
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Old 10-17-2011, 07:09 PM   #28
Montani Semper Liberi
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Most lay people that don't know any better think it is a V8 anyway, probably because I drive like a raving lunatic and most are scared to h*ll of me...LOL! Love to drive it and when it is digging in to the asphalt it is the most exhilarating sensation. at that point I am not debating V8 Vs V6 thingy in the back of my mind, the neurons are firing with exhilaration! furthest thing from my mind!

Stainless Works 1 7/8 Long Tude Headers, Stainless Works High Flow Cats, Stainless Works Retro Chambered Catback, Z/28 Air Intake, RDP Tuned, FR41 Chrome Rims, 1100W stereo, 35% Tint
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