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Suggest an outdoor water resistant car cover that WONT rub off and yellow my SW car

I have a Coverking Stormproof car cover for my Summit White Camaro. It keeps my car dry, safe from waterspots, has great UV protection, bird dropping, etc. I have been extremely satisfied with it thus far. I have only owned my camaro for 3 months and have had the car cover roughly 2.5 months. The color of my car cover is black. Over the months, my car has been yellowing really bad at many different points on the car. However, it seems like only the urethane parts have been yellowing. I have yellowing occurring on any ridge (where there is shape and ridges on the bumper and not along the flat peices) on the front and rear bumpers. Most of the discoloration occurs in the middle of the bumpers front top to bottom where everything comes to a point. The yellowing also occurred anywhere else there with a ridge or lift. The yellowing is also occurring on the door handles, and both side mirrors. I thought this was a huge paint issue from GM's supposed thin paint. So, I finally brought it back to the dealership I bought the car from to have the body shop manager check it out. If it was the paint already thinning, then I wanted it repainted. So, I get there, and show him all the spots that are yellowing. He couldn't believe how many parts there were. We go walk around to check out the other new and used white camaro's on the lot to see if there are signs of yellowing as well. Not a single one had this problem. He told me that his boat gets this discoloration from the cover he puts on his from taking it off and on. He asked if I had a car cover as well, and I said yes. So, it seems plausible that these yellow discolorations are from the car cover because all the spots seem to be where the car cover touches.

We go back to my car to try some 3M rubbing compound on it. Sure enough, with some elbow grease and a lot of time rubbing the panels, the yellowing came completely off. It's plausible that the car cover has to be the culprit. It took me over an hour to rub out all the spots with the yellowing. That gives you an idea how much discoloration there was.

So, I don't want to use this cover any longer. I refuse to have my car look horrible, and have to use rubbing compound to reverse the negative effects of its use. I am not sure if it's the color of my car cover, or the material that it's made out from. Here's a link to the cover I have for your reference:

Does anyone have any suggestions on a great outdoor use car cover with some water resistance that absolutely will NOT yellow the parts of my paint?
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I have used Coverking Weathershield on my Yellow Camaro, Silver Fit and Red Solstice for from 1-2 years.depending on the car. No problems at all
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