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Eibach Pro Kit Squeak Solved

So I've been noticing a progressively worsening squeak coming from both the front and rear. It's been very noticeable and embarrassing to be driving around in your brand new, squeaky car.

Finally, I bit the bullet and decided to take it in. Took it to the dealer first, knowing it wasn't warrantied, but expecting to at least get some ideas or answers, and see if they could fix it. So they take my car around back and I wait for an hour and a half. Then the service manager comes up to me and says, "Sir, on that car the suspension has been modified, it's been lowered and it won't be under warranty." I'm thinking, wow, it took you 1.5 hours to notice that? Thought you could clearly see that when I drove it up and you looked at it. Anyway, tells me it'd be $110 just to look at it, and then to fix would be on top of that. I just looked at him and asked for my keys back. He tells me that it's probably a poor quality spring which is causing the squeak before returning my car to me.

So I call up Lonestar Performance who installed the kit (should've called them first, but they are always really busy and hard to get into, plus much farther away). The owner answers the phone and says no problem, bring it over and let's check it out.

I pull in and walk inside. I tell him what's going on and he asks what all suspension mods I have. I tell him the Eibach springs and sway bars and that the dealership said it was probably bad springs. He looks at me like I just told him I was from Mars. "Springs don't cause squeaks, I can tell you without even looking at your car that it's coming from the urethane bushings in those sway bars. They just need to be greased." Turns out they have four grease fittings that I didn't even know about , and thus never greased. He sent a guy out to crawl under the car and grease it up, the whole while telling me about urethane bushings. About how in the 2000 Camaros everybody had to have urethane bushings and then their cars sounded like "worn out hotel mattresses." He said urethane bushings have come miles from there, but still need to be greased every so often.

Anyway, a half hour and a pleasant conversation later, his guy took me for a ride and lo and behold...NO SQUEAK. He just told me that when I take it in for oil changes I should just tell the service department I have aftermarket sway bars with grease fittings and ask them if they would just hit them real quick while they're under the car.

I was amazed, that this guy figures out in two seconds what the dealer was going to charge me $110 to just "try" to diagnose.

Anyway, to anybody with squeaky Eibach systems, check this first. It worked for me and didn't cost me anything. The whole time I was imagining a huge bill to replace something not under warranty and it turned out to just need to be lubed.
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What is old socks to those that work with performance suspension parts is alien to many new car Dealers. The new car service department you went to clearly does not embrace the aftermarket. We have several new car dealers that would have been on top of this. It all depends on the New Car Dealer's philosophy.
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