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Wheel Jockey For Hire
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Okay, fine. A race video...

So I didn't get many hits on my hard work making the previous practice session video. I get it, fine... Here's a real race video from the RACE WINNING Stevenson Motorsport Camaro GS.R at Road America.

After a poor qualifying effort, I started the race in 11th place. The Stevenson Motorsport team tweaked our daring "hit or miss" setup from qualifying into an unbelievably fast and reliable race setup. Our big Camaro made short work of the field, going up from 11th to 3rd place in just a few laps. I was eventually able to pass Rob Stout in the #6 Camaro before leading most of the race, handing off a completely clean car to my co-driver John Edwards. He then took the car and kept it up front, winning the first race for a GS Camaro-- EVER.

It was a combination of flawless stops from the crew, outstanding decisions from the engineering team, and some clean work from the driving team that gave Stevenson Motorsport their first GS win.
-Matt Bell
Driver, #9 Stevenson Motorsports Sunoco Camaro
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That's pretty bad A$$...
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2010 SSRS

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that is awesome
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great vid!
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Congrats! Sweet video.
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Awesome! Congrats!!!!
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COTW [4/23/12]
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man. do u guys still need a racer? i miss racing. i used to race back in my hometown (indonesia) since i moved here in austin, im not racing anymore..

im sure i can be a racer that u want. lol. i started racing since i was 9yo (im 21yo now) been racing gokart, a formula bmw test drive in bahrain 3years ago, since then i race the classic car with my dadd in a datsun 310 y.

ps : im serious about this.
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Thats awesome!
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Originally Posted by baclarsen View Post
Dude, you go through cars faster than I go through underware!!
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3800 Produced:10/27/09
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WOW!! Thanks for the ride kiddo!! Nothing better than a bored race driver with nothing better to do than post cool how-too vid's!! I've got RA on my bucket list but first I've got to get you to show me Sears Point and I want to do Mid-Ohio.

For what it's worth, I got more out of the practice vid as I could pick up your brake and turn-in points. That was a HUGE help!!

Thanks again!! stay safe!! give M. Johnson a break!! and God Speed at Mid-Ohio!!
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I Carry!
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Cool thanks for sharing
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Awesome vid!!
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Matt I am double posting my reply to this post and the one you put up for the Laguna practice laps. My thoughts and feelings apply to both.

Matt, awesome stuff! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and post it. One of my best days as a 2010 Camaro SS owner was last year at Mid-Ohio where I met you and the rest of the Stevenson team and got any up close tour of the pits and the Stevenson Camaros. Its so cool to know that the heart of my car and your race car are practically the same ( engine and drive train) especially as you consistently beat up on those Mustangs and BMWs. Its priceless!

Oh and I have to add - Man do you have the guts, skill and the car to brake late!!! My palms got sweaty just watching thinking brake! brake! brake!! and then yoiu would brake hard, tuck it into that turn and take out another one. Weehaw!

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I love to watch this series, and even more so now that our Camaros are in the races and competing very well. That is a great video, nice move on the blue BMW that was holding you up. That guy was blocking like crazy on you for a bit there, but I am sure you are used to that. A BIG CG to the whole team on your great run there!! Nice going keep it up. One of these days I hope to get out to a race and cheer you on in person. Thanks again for sharing, that was awesome!

You guys are running the new spoiler now right, hows it working? The annoncers stated it was a big improvement.
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Bo Tie 1
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