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Another Happy Customer

You can view the thread here

I recently had my 1999 Camaro Z28 vert worked on at Lashway. Here is a list of what all they did.

Removed my broke auto and installed a nice T56 in the car. This included all the work to place the MC on the firewall and all the wiring to make it work right. They installed all GM plugs and re-pinned the computer. If I hadnt told you that it used to be an auto car then you would have never known.
Installed a Pro 5.0 shifter.
Installed Spec 3 clutch.
Installed a Manual console.
Installed a LS6 intake
Installed a ported TB
Converted the cooling system under the intake to LS6 style. (without me even having to ask so that was pretty awesome.)
Full Dyno tune.

Needless to say, everything in the car performs flawlessly. The ONLY thing I had to do is bleed my system after a couple of weeks driving BUT keep in mind all the components were BONE dry when he did the swap so that is the nature of the beast and I didnt mind it one bit.

I pulled up the tune on HP tuners and had my friend who tunes cars look at it and there was nothing wrong with it. It was a nice smooth tune that wasnt too radical but gives lots of power which is exactly what I asked for.

The cleanliness of the shop was actually pretty good. You could tell that they had lots of projects going on but nothing in the shop was going to fall on any of the cars.

There were TONS of cars at the shop. You could tell that Eric and the team were extremely busy. To me this is a good sign because if other people go there then they obviously do something right lol. They do really good work and I can base this off of what I saw coming and leaving that shop. If you havent already, check out Project BackLASH. Its a sweet ride and its gonna haul ass for sure IF it holds together .

When you bring your car there to be worked on, they always place something on your fenders to protect it. I saw this over and over on all the cars there. When I got my car back there wasnt a single scratch from someones belt buckle on it which I was impressed by. Also, for all of his customers he details their car after the work is done. I didnt have time to take advantage of this but there were others there getting shined up.

The thing I was most impressed with is that after the work was done and I called him some time after, he knew exactly who I was and he knew all the ins and outs of my car. It was almost like he studied it from bumper to bumper. He called me by name and that is what I look for when I pay good money for a job. I dont want to be just another car and paycheck.

I waited a few weeks before writing this because I wanted to drive my car around and make sure there were no problems with it before I posted up on here. So far so good. I have faith in his work and would recommend him to you.

My experience at lashway was a great experience. Eric is super easy to work with and he knows his stuff when it comes to cars. His fabrication man is PHENOMENAL. You should see the things they are building in that shop. Props to him and props to Lashway as a team and a business. Nice job fellas and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Trey Axtell
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