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Messing with the exhaust

With exhaust being so subjective I'm hesitant to post this but in the spirit of information sharing here goes.

My 12' SS has about 4 months before I am installing the supercharger and I really didn't feel like driving it as quiet as it was. With that in mind, and no real idea which cat back I am going to run, I decided to play around a bit and see what I could come up with.

I was tired from work and didn't feel like getting under the car so I took it to a place that would "work with me". I asked them to cut the stock cans off and work up a bit of a muffler delete. I requested a Solo Mach Storm resonator which is a 2 1/4" stainless deal (you can stretch the ends to slip-fit). I left the factory resonators in (near the "h" pipe) and used the factory tips off the old cans. It sounds pretty dang good.

The exhaust guy was extremely impressed and I'm sure he is going to pimp my set-up. He said it sounds better than most of the axle-backs he has installed.

Anyway, I have $211 in the whole thing, and this is at an exhaust shop. If I did it at home we are talking like $90. Its not the cleanest install because I basically welded the tips to the resonators at an angle and had to notch the end of them. However, it does look pretty good and is certainly as good as factory. There is virtually no drone. Its got a muscle car feel but its in no way obnoxious. If you want that, use this set up and take out the factory resonators. The only complaint I have is that on decel, the thing will gurgle and pop a bit. Some like this, I think its a sign of a crappy tune. The car did this stock, and I'm real confident I can tune it out. No real sense posting pics, its a stainless tube. Videos are practically worthless as they do not capture anything right. But, if you want to get out on the cheap, don't want to sound like a 17 year old (no offense, been there done that), and don't want the straight pipe drone and flutter, this may be for you.

I like this so much, I may keep it when I do the long tubes and cats. When I open that end up and install the cam I think it is going to sound sick.
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Crafty. Put up a sound clip, I'm sure it sounds pretty good. The only bad thing would be the 2 1/4" inlet on the Solo resonator??? Did I read that correct? That will hinder your performance once you have headers and really clog things up if you add that supercharger in a few monthes.
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Drives: 67 Pro-Tourer, 12 SS
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Yeah, I did expand it to a 2.5" but with the blower you will really want a 3". If it does sound as good as I think it will, I'll cut the 2.5" axle back off and use 3" stainless and the same resonators. The ends are tapered down so it would be easy-peesy to just cut them back to the diameter you needed and weld them onto a 3" header-back.
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Once you install LTs, this set up will be very loud, probably with big drone.
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