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LOL. Why is it that ford always seems a year behind in the horsepower? Chevy had in the works for a 2012 camaro ZL1 and then for 2013 ford releases its GT500 with so much power... Do they not realize that, that gives chevy ammo or a goal to shoot for in one year? For 2012 the camaro is still the car to beat STOCK VS STOCK in this war. Not a 2012 vs 2013 or a 2011 vs 2012 or however these magazines compare them. I am tired of different year comparisons. Do a straight up base camaro and mustang NON-PAID for or BIAS run on them both, then the same for the top of the line camaro and mustang out of the FORD or CHEVY factory and lets see who wins. That means Shelby Mustangs are out. If they were in, that means Hennessy camaro would beat it hands down EVERY time. So factory built only cars, and guess what... camaro wins. No matter what you say a shelby mustang is NOT FORD BUILT. It is SHELBY factory built. The camaro ZL1 is CHEVY/GM built. Let the bashing and stupid talk BEGIN!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
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The Milano
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Originally Posted by doc7000 View Post
70% value lost over 3 years is a bit much, I believe the Camaro (according to rating companies) will drop about 40% of its value over 3 years. Though I can see this being market dependent and in some markets the value being lower.

The camaro is following the same value curve as the charger when it was released. Buying a three year old sports car for 60 percent of the price of a new much faster version? Seems unlikely.
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Originally Posted by DevilKnightFalcon View Post
Ouch...we just got owned by Ford boys.
If you're obsessed with HP figures and marketing materials, then I guess.
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Originally Posted by Scarrzz View Post

The price is within the range I expected. Somewhere in between very much worth it and I can't afford it. I had said 52880. When talking with folks I've been saying I expect between 52-55k.

I'm just a touch surprised that we didn't get <12 in the quarter. That was important to me. That is the only place where I am non-astounded.

It's a done deal. My price barrier was always 55k base.

One more tenth of a second in the quarter would have meant a lot to me, but I guess that will just give me a short term goal with mods.

You should look at the trap speed not the E.T.
They are getting upper teens (119 mph traps) in the ZL1. That means the car is capable of easy mid 11s with good driving.
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Old 11-15-2011, 09:04 AM   #61
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At that price point, I'd rather spend the couple extra grand and get CTS-V coupe instead. Shouldn't have exceeded $50k imo.
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Uneducated Guess
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Originally Posted by swizz View Post
At that price point, I'd rather spend the couple extra grand and get CTS-V coupe instead. Shouldn't have exceeded $50k imo.
A couple extra? try about 10k
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Old 11-15-2011, 09:05 AM   #63
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i guess im getting a gt500 or a used z06 very disappointed
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HA!!! That is all...
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Originally Posted by mondain View Post
How's your magnetic ride?
What a cheap shot lol.......I'm a little disappointed by the times. Should be a great car but I'll keep my built SS. Did 650 to the wheels with suspension and motor upgrades and still well under 54k. Didn't need magnetic ride to run low 10s on street tires, just better suspension parts. I love the car and am excited to see it, but for the price I would get a slightly used ZO6. There's one here for 49k with 15k miles on it. I ran 11.5s on just a procharger with nothing else done before I decided to build up the motor. Hopefully the 12.0 is conservative and it can get mid 11s. The new Shelby should be real close to high 11s so I would expect the ZL1 to hopefully beat it.

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Very good GM. Very Good. Less than the GT500 with a trackpack. I believe the qtr times with nice tires will be in 11's no prob. NONE. I'm excited. Thanks again GM.
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While I'm a Camaro nut as I have 4, I think the camaro's problem is its weight. It needs to lose some 500lbs

then and only then will it compare with the Stangs on th 1/4mile and won't need a rolling start.

What was the weight difference between a 67 camaro and a 67 stang?

And the problem for we Canadians is only 54000$ in the USA but 64000$ in Canada even though the dollar has same weight.

Chevrolet needs to also lose the 10000$ extra cost for Canadians:(
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We'll have to track the convertible model at the upcoming auto shows. It was stated that it would be the 2013 model. I'm hoping for some facelifting with the 2013 model. The 2013 Mustang sure has made some changes.
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Originally Posted by Beck View Post
I don't do any quarter mile stuff. Why would they do it from a rolling start, what difference is there in the times vs. a static start, and how do you go from ZERO-60 or a 1/4 mile from a rolling start?
Rolling start is usually slower..
2015 Corvette Z06.. Lime Rock Park 1:01; Watkins Glen 2:14; Thompson Speedway 1:21
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Old 11-15-2011, 09:10 AM   #70
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That is a Bargin....Thank you GM!!!

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