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Story also on homepage.

That's richardhoggard from his delivery which just took place!!! He gets to drive home a black 1SS Camaro today.


This is Richard's first comments regarding his new Camaro (from later in the thread):

Originally Posted by richardhoggard View Post
OK everyone... Im back... will only be on here for a little while.. I need to get a little sleep as much as I want to be out there still driving it. Any of you that read the thread I posted yesterday about taking delivery today will know why... I read all the posts and I really appreciate your support.

As for a review, I don't really have the energy or the knowledge yet to write anything too indepth. But I will attempt to answer as many of your questions as I can...

The bottom line is that this car is much much better than I could have even dreamed. The power is almost scary! It's an auto, which I'm sure everyone knows, and the TapShift is amazing! When I drop it into sport mode, the car absolutely FLIES! I was sitting in traffic for about 15 minutes, and I probably had about 25 or so people roll down their windows and ask me about it, almost like I am my own personal GM commercial, which I am totally OK with. Also, the Boston Acoustics sound system is outrageous, great sound clarity even when it is cranked up and the bass kicks pretty good and hard.

UCF WOOT, there were 4 miles on it when I took delivery. The only person I would allow to drive my car was the sales manager, and I watched them do almost everything in the PDI. I am only up to 25 miles now... really tired, didn't want to drive it in this state and mess around and wreck it. I dont know what you mean when you say "build sheet?".

trm002: The countdown to my first ticket almost happened about an hour ago. I got pulled over, (maybe I was going too fast?) and the cop walked up to the car, saw that I was in uniform, and just ended up asking me a million questions about the car and then he let me go!

docmojo: I saw you pull up in your car while I was there. I was standing in the lobby like a father waiting outside of a delivery room, waiting for them to finish the entire detailing process. Everything was done at that point, so I was going crazy waiting to drive out of there. Then one of the salesmen I was BS'ing with was like "Dude, there it is!" and I turned around like a maniac and it was your car... what an ass!

Everyone, I will post as many updates as I can about the car once I have enough time to actually get to know it pretty well... I am still in disbelief that I got the first one! After my night last night, and then today, I think I may be the luckiest guy on earth right now... maybe I should play the lottery!!
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lucky bastard
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He's in the military he deserves it.
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sweeet!!!! I want one !!
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Awesome! Bye Bye conspiracy theories... Helloooo, where's mine?
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Congrats to you Richard!
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Sweet a big congrats on taking delivery
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BoooooooYA !!!
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Congrats!! can't wait to hear his thoughts on it!!
(and see some photos )
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wheres that date now

Enjoy man !
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This is bringing a tear to my eye
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Are those Polished Rims or Stock Silver?

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