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Drives: 2013 Chevy Camaro LS
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Unhappy Raven - hard life

I purchased at the end of 2013 a Black Camaro LS. V6 3.6L LFX engine. (these come with a floor stick) (paperwork said blue..) And had 400 miles on it already.. that I didn't realize when was making the purchase.

Not a month after I got her, neighbor backed into it. Payed way to much to have crash pad and bumper cover replaced at dealer.

Maybe month later front right tire blew on the highway. The metal from the tire destroyed the
front bumper cover,
front fender,
door trim piece that goes below the door on the outside of the car(runner?)
Front lower rearward control arm.

7/21/2017 I was passing on an old back highway that our lane was blocked and the opposite direction was clear. A lady didn't look in a truck and pulled out in front of me, not only in front of me but all the way across the road, so my swerving breaking attempts did not help. Managed to miss a fire-hydrant. And got harassed pretty bad by the police officer she called to the scene. (woo Texas)
My headlight on passenger side was destroyed shoved sideways into my engine bay through the coolant reservoir.
Also destroyed was the Front bumper cover
Passenger Front side fender
Passenger Front rearward lower control arm
Passenger front inner tie rod
Mounting metal for the headlight and guess end of fenders mount point is all gnarled up.
Radiator was pushed in.
Front pieces like crash pad and emblem all flew off.

** Um the car won't start :(
Thinking bad ground/wires that I cant find.
Couse 75% of the time the locks don't function at all.
Turn the ignition to start and nothing or hear starter click
may see dashboard flicker when attempt this.
Alarm may go off.
Dashboard will flicker/tweak out when turn key to start.

The wire for the headlight was chewed up.

Even when removing that still get these electrical issues not allowing me to start the vehicle.

Any suggestions on the wiring/electrical appreciated.
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accident, crash, electrical

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