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Jayhawk USN
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Bigger Than Bumblebee

The Camaro's success is not solely a product of social engagement and media attention. It's a fantastic car designed by the best auto company in the world.

However, people outside of the enthusiast realm don't get excited about every car that comes out. Average Joe might just want something cool. Transformers helped make the already cool Camaro cooler, but one series is not enough to support the Camaro.

Just like in your investments, it is good to diversify in marketing. You can't put all of the Camaro's hopes and dreams in the Transformers movies. GM should be plugging the next generation all over the place. We need Camaros in action movies, racing movies (get a Fast and Furious plug like Mustang has twice now), James Bond movies, and heist movies (rob a bank in a Camaro with Jason Stratham). We need Camaros in more TV shows than Burn Notice.

Why stop at building a Car. The Camaro is a collection of metals and plastics. Build a heritage. Build a culture. Tradition lasts, and shoving the Camaro in every media outlet out there will flood history with GM heritage. On top of that, the exposure Chevrolet will have is priceless.

Where would you like to see the Camaro? Discuss.
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Reviving the Trans Am series. It would be a great marketing tool for American manufacturers.
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To build the brand and encourage more buyers is the ultimate goal for GM...or it should be.

Todays marketing plans need to encompass social media as well as traditional media.

Pop culture plays a part too. Music vids would help expose the Camaro to more "cool" buyers.

So far I think the success of the Camaro has been great. They revived it from the dead. The Transformer movies helped big time.

It's a solid car with good maintenance reviews and you can mod this car to your hearts content. It's put the mustang crowd in a tail spin. Although the next mustang with IRS might just push it ahead again...

I'm sure a few more movie or music vid appearances would be nice but I truly think years from now we'll all appreciate just how successful the 5th gen was and is.

I hear what your saying but I'm not sure what more they can do that would be a good ROI for additional marketing.
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Remember Hawaii 5-0. Also, I have seen a 2014 on a recent episode of Person of Interest.

Agreed on the movie front. Stratham is a good suggestion as you need someone with staying power into the future. Seems like the movie "2 Guns" might turn into a franchise, get Denzel or Wahlberg in a Camaro for the next one.

Chuck Norris drove a Firebird. Bullitt is synonymous with Mustang. We need more than Transformers.

There is more to modding than street racing and the whole Fast Furious thing. Base a TV sitcom old school style like "Taxi" around a garage where the owners drive Camaros mod them and other cars. Just my thoughts.
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Smokey and The Bandit remake.
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Gas monkey garage with the COPO. need to be on the alpha bet TV stations, more viewers.
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Sesiom Summers
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when I finish my Game Art Carrer, Ill make a game were the main character will have a camaro Zl1 XP I already have the Idea and the concept but need time and people to do it :/ also Chevy's authorization to use the Camacho's name and image XD.. i should show some of the concept art...
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