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little insight to everyone with paint matching issues..kinda long..

Ok, dunno if this has been covered before but I have worked at GM for 10years. Within those 10 years ive been at 3 plants in my time at GM ive worked in many departments at my last plant I worked in quality for a few years basiclly looking over door,trunk,hood,fascia fitment, paint, and etc..I see alot of people on here talking about there paint on the F&R bumpers dont match. Theres a reason why and here it is the fascias do not get painted by GM or in the same facility at most plants a outside company molds them paints them and ships them covered in steel crates to GM already wired with foglights ready to be picked up by hand and put on. I have wrote up every single car that passed me 450+ per shift 5-6 days a week for 2.5 years that had mismatched paint, and warped fascias. It gets to the end of the quality C.A.R.E. line and our supervisors buy it off and ship it to you the customer...GM supervision is taught that the drivers side door not lower than the body line and mid way of the fender is all the 80% of consumers(you) notice and pay attention to as long as there is no metal showing, paint issues bigger than 5mil, no gaps in body panels,doors,fascias,trunks,hoods etc bigger then 2.5-3mil THEY DO NOT CARE! as far as dealing with dealerships good luck,

I took my camaro in one time for rear speaker rattle, halos mismatched, and the silver flaking off my detail light inside and nothing got fixed they had BS GM bulletins for the end they over charged me for a oil change and sent me on my way. Currently I have a wavy warped rear fascia on my car and chipped paint on my decklid from the spoiler im going to take it in but i doubt anything will get fixed. Well there you have it,

I am in no way bashing GM, the UAW, or GM'S supervision just telling you my personal hands on experiences working in the plants that build your GM cars you see on the roads and buy. Thanks for those who read, feel free to comment though I will not argue with anyone on here. These are my views and facts and what I have seen with my own eyes and dealt with.
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