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Talking Why it's important to personalize your car...

I had to share this because it was just too funny to pass up...

I'm walking through the parking garage, headed to lunch, and this guy rushes past me on foot like he's running late for something. I don't think anything of it...

I see him pull out his keys and push the unlock button. I hear a chirp behind me as I watch him walking towards a blue Toyota Highlander.

He gets to the Toyota and pulls on the door handle. Locked!

So he pushed the button again (sound of chirp again...behind me) and trys to pull the door handle again. Locked!

He's tries a third time. Locked!

I see him turn around looking confused and see him push the button again. (sound of chirp again...behind me)

He looks around and starts heading towards another blue Toyota Highlander further down while continuing to push the unlock button.

Then he turns and rushes past me again (in the other direction this time) and gets into the blue Toyota Highlander that is chirping...

I seriously couldn't stop laughing once I got into my truck.

I thought stuff like that only happened in car commercials, like this one...

Seriously folks, please make the Camaro your own by whatever means necessary....don't be like the Toyota Highlander guy!
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Hah that's classic.

I got a good one too -- my father has actually gotten into another person's car (same exact one as his) at a gas station, stuck in the key and tried to start her up before realizing that there were personal items in the car which didn't belong to him
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I did that with a rental car before. I came out of my hotel and walked to what I thought was my rental car and unlocked it with my key (no remote). As I was starting the vehicle, I noticed numerous personal effects in the other seats that were not mine. After my initial confusion, I got out and noticed "my" car parked two spaces over. The cars were same make/model and used the exact same key!!
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A freind of mine was at a "Good Will Sale" where you bring in an old item and they give you a coupon towards a new one. They were shopping and needed a few more she goes out to her mom's Festiva and - without a key - opens the locked rear hatch the way she has for years (she has figured out a way to do this with a tap and a lift at the right place.) grabs a few items from the car and walks back into the store to catch back up with her mom. She brings the items up and her mom looks at her and asked "where did those come from - they are not mine!" Turned out there were TWO Festivas that opened the same way - she ran back out of the store and tossed the stuff back in the car!!!
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same ting to me but i wasat lowes and started loading lawn sead in to what i thought was my dads truck then went to get in and then relized it wasnt his. but it was just 2 spots away from his.
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I put body side white pin stripes on my dark blue '99 saturn, it made the car so easy to find in any parking lot. It just stood out!
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Those are epic stories, guys, brightened up my day reading them. Thanks!
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hahahaha, i have walked towards the wrong car before, but have yet to get with in 15 feet before i knew it was the wrong one,
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I was driving my moms bonneville . I ran an errand to sams club for her. I see a guy in front of me opening the trunk on a green bonneville . I was about to kick his ass until I realized my car was a 2 spots over. That would have been a big oops.
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At my work, they have a contract with a local Ford dealer and the "standard" car is the Taurus. One of my co-workers was assigned a black Taurus last month when he got a promotion. He was also given a space in the parking garage. They showed him his space before the normal start of work time. He forgot to write down the space number.

We got a good laugh that afternoon when he wanted to leave and couldn't figure out which car was his. On his level of the parking garage, there were 30-40 black Ford Taurus parked all in a row. It's like a more boring version of that Audi commercial....


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