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Adam's Polishes

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Adam's & Innovative Detailing vs. a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Dylan@Adams & Dave@Innovative Detailing VS. Pure Italian Beauty!

This is a project Dave and I have been looking forward to for awhile, the owner is a regular customer of Innovative detailing, but hadn't had a full prep done on the car... yet. Yesterday was the day.

As you can see from the before shots the issues are very minimal, this was a job to take good and make it great.

The process was pretty straight forward, basic exterior cleanup and wash, followed by a paint correction. The PC 7424xp and Flex 3401 were used. Most correction was done with Adam's Fine Machine Polish and Gen4 White pads... a few areas were polished again using a Gray Gen4 Pad and Fine Machine. Paint was EXTREMELY soft and anything more aggressive seemed to mar slightly.

The entire forward section of the car has been covered with PPF film so those areas, especially around the edges, were sealed with Adam's Quick Sealant.

The entire car was machine glazed with the new Gen4 red pad and Adam's Brilliant Glaze the topped with Americana Paste wax by hand.

Interior was spotless, a quick wipe down with a towel was all that was needed, glass was also clean and simply wiped with a dry towel.

Enough talking... on to the pics.

(from a distance everything looked great)

Dave started in on the wheels and we then moved to a quick wash:

Documenting some of the problem areas including bird dropping stains, very fine swirling, and some buffing/haze artifacts left behind either by dealer prep or the factory:

The biggest eye sore was the rear deck... either a previous detailer had hazed the panel, perhaps at the dealer, or the factory prep was a little rushed. Either way the paint was definitely in need of attention:

Before masking off the film and trim we used the blaster sidekick to eliminate as much of the trapped water as we could. With so many edges and tight areas this car held a ton of water

Engine bay was spotless. A quick detail spray wipe down for dust was all that was needed

All masked up and ready to start

We split the car up and went tow work with the machines

Checking my progress on some sections... flawless!

Vertical doors make for some interesting polishing postions

After we were satisfied with the correction we moved into glazing... gen4 red pad, flex 3401 at low speed, brilliant glaze.

Icing on the cake

Black mirror

This detail approved by Innovative Detailing

Interior got a quick towel wipe down. Aside from a small amount of dust the interior was flawless. As you can see the dash is a bit of reach...

Touched up the glass over the engine with Adam's Glass Cleaner and a glass towel

Tires, trim, and all the vents/diffusers, etc were treated with Adam's Super VRT and/or Adam's In & Out Spray

Wrapping up... the wind had picked up and we wanted to make sure the car stayed perfect. We had the owner quickly pull the car out for full sun inspection and got it back into the garage to avoid any dust settling on the newly perfected finish

Out into the sun

Tucked back in the garage... job done!

A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
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Voice Of The Voiceless
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Holy f**k!!! that car looks like it's ready to go out for a kill!!

Nice job guys!
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That car is amazing. you guys did a wonderful job on it!
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cam fan

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The Dylan on a Lambo door....bravo

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My boys want to know why I don't have one of these. Very cool detail job.
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WOW!! Amazing job, that would be fun to work on.
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Holy hell . . . good work!
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great job
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Looks awesome!! Great job! Love the "black mirror"!!
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ActNup NY

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I guess the saying is true then BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL !!!
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Nothing looks better than black when it's clean. I just washed/detail sprayed my black Camaro yesterday and it's already green from pollen today . . . .
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Adam's Polishes

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Heres a few more pics from Dave @ Innovative:

Originally Posted by Innovative Detailing View Post
To all that have commented....Thank you so much for your kind words!!!:2thumbs:


Thank you for taking the time to join me on this project. As I had mentioned to you, the correction of this vehicle was put off for awhile because of my customers previous experience with his last service provider.

I believe in not pushing anything on anyone, and once I felt comfortable with my customer who trusts my professionalism, we assessed the damage and set the date to correct it. I reached out to Dylan to help me out on the project, more than anything I wanted to see how well this would come out using the Adams Polishes line of products. So with a date set in concrete, Dylan came by my house and after a couple good cups of Brazilian coffee we set out to take care of business.

For this special detail, my goal was to completely put aside any other brand of product that I had on my rig for this project and as you all can see from the photos....."this is the wettest, most reflective shiniest machine rolling the streets of Southern California!"

Adams Polishes delivered for this job....from the quality of the pads, plushness of the towels, pureness of the polish and the icing on the cake the "Americana"......just spectacular!!

Thank you again Dylan and Adam for letting me have the opportunity to work with your team. I just dont let anyone work with me on projects like this one, but I have to say.......your products deserved it!

I love my job!

Innovative Detailing thanks you for the support!!!

Some more photos to enjoy!

Dylan getting his "tape" on!

Focus correction begins with 4" pad and FMP

Some of what we were up against......factory colorsanding marks left

Larger panels get the new gen 6.5" pad and FMP

True reflections don't get any better than this!

Some paint overpsray from the build was on the rims, this was removed and the wheels sealed.

Some final finished shots with my Nikon D5100, Dylans camera was just too much for

Have a great weekend!

A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
use the code CAMARO5 CAMARO6 or CORVETTE for 10% off your next order
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