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Gas station lying about Octane rating?

I've been filling up at just one gas station in this town I work in for about 7 months. It is the oldest and crappiest gas station in the town but the only one with 93 octane ( or so they say).

I have asked and the lady assures me it is.

Lately I have been noticing things that make me think otherwise.

1. I took an 8 hr trip home filling up twice in the Dallas area. After the 2nd time I filled it, the car felt like a completely different animal.

( I have a tune so no fuse pull required)

2. The next time I get gas at the station where I work, I look and read the little agriculture stamp that says gas stations are required to have. The year that was stamped was 2010.

3. There is a gas truck there filling the tanks up. There is 3 different holes where he plugs into ( I'm guessing 1 for each octane level). I see him finish filling one and then open and start filling the next one. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they carry different octane levels in the truck.

Can anyone give me any advise on what I should do?

In Texas, btw
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If I'm not mistaken they mix two seperate fuels together to make the mid grade levels. Most likely they have two tanks for regular 87 and a tank for 93. Since the low grade is the most used and it's also used to mix the mid grade it would make sense.
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I suppose it would be hard to prove your local station was guilty of fraud unless you sent a sample in someplace for analysis. As far as the "year" sticker saying 2010, I would try contacting your state agriculture department and ask about that. Note: if the pump uses one single hose to dispense all 3 grades, draw your sample after you fill your tank.

As far as your vehicle running different, after filling up at a different station, is the gasoline you normally buy an ethanol blend? If it is, then that would make a difference.

Lastly, I wouldn't be too concerned about seeing the tanker truck driver taking the hose out of one inground tank and putting it in another. Tanker trailers, especially ones that haul gasoline, are normally divided into compartments. Trailers can have 2, 3, 4, 5, or as many as 6 individual compartments.
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In Michigan there are stickers on the pump with a phone number to call the state gas inspector if you have any complaints. Don't know if you have those in your state
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No your wrong thes tankers have more than one chambe insidevthey can carry at least 3 types of fuel in separate chambers.
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Just because you have a tune doesn't mean that you are immune to needing the fuse pull. Most tuners won't touch the lower octane table because it's a fail safe in case you get bad gas. I'd still do a fuse pull just to be safe.
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SO you got your answers on the tankers and they are correct, they have multiple chambers and carry all grades of fuel. You also got excellent advice on using different formulas. If you are using a cheap station, you are NOT getting top fuel. If you really want to screw things up, keep using crap gas.

I have posted, many times, that these cars need top fuel. My personal recommendation is Shell. I can also defend Chevron and Texaco. There are others on the list, but these are the BEST. Some people will tell you that there is no difference in fuels. If this were the case all the NASCAR cars would use different fuel. Each fuel is mixed with different additives. These additives clean the engine and boost performance. The boost if by making the fuel burn more efficiently, reducing power loss. Raw fuel burns very dirty, leaving carbon deposits and thick smoke which oxidizes. The additives clean that smoke and carbon allowing a cleaner, fuller burn. They also clean the intake and exhaust valves and intake manifiold to allow clean delivery of air/fuel mixture. This IS where performance comes from.
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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
If I'm not mistaken they mix two seperate fuels together to make the mid grade levels. Most likely they have two tanks for regular 87 and a tank for 93. Since the low grade is the most used and it's also used to mix the mid grade it would make sense.
I think they do that if they pump a certain volume.
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First of all, find out if the station is company owned or a dealer franchise. Company owned stations are almost never shorting octane by mixing 87 or lower octane into the premium higher octane fuels. If a BP or Shell were caught doing this they would get sued big time.

If it a dealer franchised or independent owned station the owner would have to have some arrangement with the fuel delivering truck company to put lower octane in a premium check with the trucking company about their history of any violations.

Finally, check with the texas energy commission or regualtory authority about records for the station.

I'm not saying it doesnt happen, because their is a built in 20 cents gallon profit for somebody who is doing it!!! It is common here in WA state because of the high percentage of fly by night station owners and truck drivers taking money under the table for doing it.
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Originally Posted by jd10013 View Post
I think they do that if they pump a certain volume.
the gas station i used to work at had 4 tanks on the property. 1 for unleaded, 1 for v power (i worked at shell), 1 for diesel, and 1 for #2 diesel. Mid grade a mix of unleaded and premium, there is no mid grade that gets delivered it's all mixed when being pumped into your vehicle. The one thing i heard more than anything was that people never got the mileage they do with shell from other stations. I may not have left on the greatest terms, but i refuse to put anything other than shell fuels into my vehicles
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Just gonna throw this out there, NASCAR uses "one brand of fuel" because that's the one that paid the most to sponsor themselves in the races. And while they may supply the actual fuel for the races, it's more of a promotional thing, not for performance reasons.

Back to the OP, seems like you already have your mind made up that their gas isn't really 93 so why not go elsewhere and get it? If you can't get 93 octane in that town, go to the next one then. 93 octane is everywhere. Big problem is, around here at least, that every station has it priced differently and most don't advertise it.

And as for your perceived performance increase while traveling, I'm willing to bet its more from change in temp or humidity which can change your performance quite drastically as well...
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I know my car and I know when I get lower than 93 octane.

It happened a week ago. The second time in 6 months.

I emailed their corporate office. They called promising me to test the fuel, promising gift cards, promising everything but making my car payment.

They were busted and they knew it.

I swear, if my car performed like that (with the low octane fuel) always, I would sell it.

It sucked.

A tank of Shell and a fuse pull gave me my car back.

I used to think that car dealerships were scum. Now, they have a rival.

Gas stations are not to be trusted, either.

And I ask again, WHERE IS THE SOFTWARE UPDATE GM? A fuse pull is a lame way to address this.
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Shell all the way!! I have done alot of research on this and from what I have found it is the best.
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sorry for being a noob. Why would someone need to pull their fuse out? I like 76 gas.
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