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Drives: 2010 rally yellow 2ss rs
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Speaker Placement

I see a lot of threads about sub woofers, amps, head units and so on.
But my biggest concern with the BA system is the lack of any sound staging.
The speaker placement is all wrong. The center channel speaker does little, the tweeters in the sail panels should point forward not out and the 6x9's in the deck, well they are lacking (small magnets) and I think they do not have a proper cross-over.

Has anyone addressed this issue?

My goal would be to add a better mid-range center speaker and get the tweeters out of the doors and up on the dash.
I'd like components 6.5's (CDT HD-62CF) in the doors and perhaps 6X9 subwoofers (Image dynamics CTX 104) or something a bit larger with a decently sized magnet and some baffels.

And something (Arc Audio XXD-5080 5 channel)to bypass the factory amp goes without saying.

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Your right, the tweeters should actually be in the pillars, but I didn't want to cut mine up to put them in there. I have replaced all of my speakers in my car and added 2 ten in subs and two amps and EQ. With an Alpin INA-W900BT. This one photo doesn't have the EQ in it, but it is mounted between the amps.

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I dont have a center channel but instead of going tweeters in the dash i'm fiberglassing my pillars for a tweeter and 3.5" to achieve some nice staging.
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