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Wheel coating issue

Just wanting your input on this problem.
About last Oct.-Nov. I took my 2010 2SS in to the dealership because the wheel finish was showing filiform corrosion, and on the fronts, there were small white spots all over under the clear coat. The spots were not the result of rock damage as the clear coat was undisturbed.

Actually, it was the second dealer I took it to. The first one wouldn't touch it, saying it was all rock damage. I pointed out the corrosion on the inside of the rims where rocks wouldn't hit, but was rejected.
The second dealer was very helpful, and refinished all four wheels.

The service manager told me at the time that he was putting a note on the file that said this was a one time thing. If I drove it in the winter, and it corroded, I would not be covered a second time.
I agreed, figuring this brand new coating would last for a while.
He did say if there were big chunks missing, they would look at it.

So, I did drive it in the winter, ( had to, although it was pretty mild weather ) but washed the car twice a week, and ran it through the car wash at work every night to keep the wheels from being damaged by the brine spray they use here on the roads instead of rock salt.

Now, I am looking at wheels that are far worse than they were just five months ago.

I hate to be a whiner, but it isn't like I have been driving logging roads.
Mostly freeway. I find the design of the wheels lends itself to leading edge rock damage, but all the corrosion on all the edges indicates to me an inferior coating process.
The white spots on the front wheels re-appeared within weeks with no damage to the coating. Mostly on the flats of the spokes, not on the damage prone forward leading edges. This appears only on the fronts.

There are big chunks of clear missing. All of the inside edges are corroded, and a couple of the valve stem openings are very bad. I do not believe this new coating was as good as the factory coating.

I think you should be able to drive your car for a season without this kind of damage. Am I wrong here? Don't they test these cars in all climates?
I know the corrosion is mentioned in a TSB. The rock damage is obviously a design weakness that causes chipping under normal driving.

What should I do here? Another year, and I will have to do something about this myself. Maybe I should have got them coated gloss black?
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Unfortunately, this looks pretty typical for clear coated alloy wheels driven in winter. If not after one year, then after two, all my alloy wheels look like this or worse. It does start in rock damaged areas, and then spreads.

The only reason this hasn't happen to my Camaro is that it sits out the winter.
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