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Do radar detectors work??

I just read a thread that the guy asked if they work. I have people ask me all the time, so that tells you where cops are? i have had one since i was 16. i have got tickets when its went off, didnt go off, and 2 tickets from airplane, so it will not go off then either.

Here is my opinion and how they DO work and wont work. I was a police officer for a while, and will be back at it after my service is up in the military.

So do they work? Yes they do if you know what you are doing... For most radars cops will use they have radars in front and back of the car. with the box in front of them reading your speed. now you are cruising down the road speeding right. Say the cop is coming the opposite way as you on the road. when he sees you he will hold his remote and flip the radar on. by the time your radar detector goes off he has your speed and is probably slowing to flip a B*tch to pull you over. Another thing they will do is see you speeding and "Pace " you. this is where they are in front of or behind you and will just match your speed to figure out how fast you are going. again your radar detector will not save you because he never turned it on, or when he does when it beeps it is to late.

Now when you see a cop on the side of the road holding the gun. that is the Laser gun basically. and lasers are a direct beam. so IF the radar detector even goes off it is to late. the key to the laser is the cop has to be sitting still and aim it directly at, normally your front license plate. So to use laser they will be sitting on the highway, or tucked away, but sitting still aiming a scope at your car. a laser jammer/defuser is only way to stop this. never really had one, or seen one. but when speeding just keep a sharp eye for a car on side of road set up!

So when DO they work. This is how i can use mine, and i have a cheaper one BTW. So for normal radars that go off, normally X or KA band. anyway, you have to have cars in front of you. basically your detector will go off when the cop hits the car in front of you. so if there is nobody in front of you, unless the cop is just driving with his radar on, which is not normal. it wont work. the way i would speed is hope someone else is speeding. i pace behind them about 50 to 100 meters and i will just pace and listen to my detector. if it beeps, brakes, and he may be getting the ticket. if you dont have a speeder in front make sure there are cars within 1/4 to 1/8 mile in front of you at all times and hope they get clocked before you. and keep your eye on cars for brake lights up ahead at the same time, because people generally brake, even if they arent speeding when they see a cop.

Hope this gave some people a better perspective of how this may or may not work. nothing is for sure about breaking the law, but your chances can be better about avoiding a ticket if you do it right. But remember if your the fool speeding and hurt yourself or others, you could be put in prison for it! responsibility is part of life!
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