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My Next Mod - Water Softener

With 15 average grains of hardness in the Phoenix city water supply, washing a car is a pain, especially a black one. I think it's time for a water softener.

My house hasn't ever had one, so to avoid wasting the softened water, I'll have to include a quality by-pass valve so I can let hard water out to the hose outlets when I water the grass, but be able to switch back to softened water when I wash the car(s). Luckily, I don't have an automatic sprinkler system.

Does anyone have any tips for getting the most out of a softener? I know it won't remove all the minerals, but will give me a far better experience not only with the vehicles, but also washing clothes, dishes, showers, etc. Folks with naturally soft water, I am envious. At my place, a quick splash from a garden hose is a recipe for near-disaster, as the minerals dry almost instantly and can be a real chore to remove. Sometimes it gets so stuck on there, extreme measures like wet sanding is called for (which I obviously want to avoid at all costs).

I hadn't heard of anyone else mentioning this (but of course I didn't use the search function, either), so I thought I'd get some feedback. Fire away.

John B.
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Give this thread a read:

Water Softener
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um....after seeing your Phoenix numbers did a quick search for my city's water quality report.....

WOW!... 37.5 gr/gallon

I knew it was hard but geez...

What I did on my softener setup......

My house has a rear entrance garage with the hot water and softener in a water closet in the garage. Had the plumbers tap into the output side of the softener with a spigot that I can hook a hose up to. They did it when they installed the softener and as I recall they only charged me a few bucks for the parts.

It makes a huge difference when it comes to preventing water spots! A "mod" well worth it when ya have water this hard!

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I used to live in a rural area with well water. We had two very large water softener tanks for home-use of water.

Man it sucked. It took 3 times the amount of water to do what city water can do today.
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I was looking at this for the hose i use to wash the cars with
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