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Question for someone who knows about warranty.

So recently they have posted that video of the SLP LoudMouth Axle-Back Exhaust. After talking to a friend, because i'm a moron when it comes to working on cars, he said that it should only really cost around 5-600 to get that installed.

He also told me that without tuning the cars computer to optimize the exhaust then its a waste to get it.

With that being said does it fall within warranty to get the exhaust and tune the computer?

Thanks in advance, I really don't know about these things and I know there are a ton of people on here who do.
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Your friend has the right idea here, but realistically you won't see gains with an Axle back either way in the HP department. You will definitely hear them though. The tune is not good for the old warranty! GM analyzes the ECU codes during warranty work to check for tuning. You could however pickup 20-30 HP with a tune without the Axle back even. If you want HP and aren't worried about the waaranty, go LTs woth a tune The 5-600 bucks for the install is absurd. Talk to a Chevy Mechanic and see if he wants to work on the side. Or you can go to an exhaust shop. when i helped a mechanic I paid 150 for header and cat back install, but he was a friend. Hope this helps.
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A catback install should at most be 100, if it takes them more than hour of labor time take it elsewhere because in reality with a lift and a shop it takes maybe 30 minutes.
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Russell James

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Tune not needed with a muffler change. The factory mufflers are also straight through, not a restriction or power gain to be had. Plus if warranty is a concern, a tune kills the warranty. Tuning really only needed if you are going with long tube headers. GMPP mufflers from the dealer if you really want to be the most warranty safe.
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he might be on the right track. but thats with headers. its its never a waste to change any part of the exhaust system. even without tuning. it sound much better lol!
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The only time GM requires calibration ID is for a major powertrain failure. If the engine fails, the calibration ID has to be sent to GM Powertrain in Michigan for approval. If the ECU has been tuned the warranty claim will be denied.

If for example your alternator or water pump fails this does not require approval. At the end of the day you need to choose, do you want a warranty or do you want to install aftermarket parts and make more power? You cannot have both.
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Go ahead and get your axle back (no issues w/ warranty there)... get rid of those trash cans out back and get some good sound going. This does not require a tune and will net zero HP gains, but a much better sounding car.

When you really want some HP gains get LT Headers at which time a tune will be required and your warranty will be gone due to the tune.
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