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Old 05-29-2012, 10:43 PM   #1
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Hey everybody I just recently installed Kooks longtube headers and free flow cats and had a tune done by Jannetty racing and was having some malfunctions with my car(Stability control, stereo cutting out, lights flashing, etc...) I first thought it might have been the tune, it was not! Then I read alot of these same topics here and checked out most of problems areas , from loose connectors to loose grounds , loose spark plugs and/or plugs, damn near everything Finally tonight I found the problem the positive cable that runs from the alternator to thr positive post under the hood, was leaning right up to the front header pipe driver side! It had melted and shorted to the pipe. It wasn't too bad, I taped it up tie-wrapped it away from the headers and whatya' know, everything worked perfect! So anyway, I never changed any thing from the way it was stock(wiring harnesses, etc...) and never even noticed it touching? So anybody having these kind of problems or about to install headers...........CHECK WIRE CLEARENCES AROUND HEADERS!!!!
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I had a 69 Chevelle burn to the ground that way. These cars have a little more protetive dealios but you are lucky. 20 more horsepower aint worth nothing if the car catches fire! LOL. Glad you found it.
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I have recently installed long tube headers on my 02 camaro an had it tuned... I have been having pretty much the same problem but cant figure it out. Lights flickering, right side blinker stays on but doesn't blink, and the wierd thing is when I turn my bright lights on it shuts the car off. Really appreciate the advice, the same thing might of happened to my car. Thank you!
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