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If one were to do a pulley swap, CAI, and tune I realize this would likely void the drivetrain warranty. However, is it possible to swap back original parts when taking in vehicle for warranty work?
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The tune will be recorded so they will deny warranty to work IF they check for a tune
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They will know if anything has been changed period!!! Even if one tries to change it back to stock. Heres how i look at it. If you were building these car to sell and you thought that someone was going to tamper with it and then bring it back and tell you that it was defective. Would you not put somthing in place to monitor this type of buyer! HOnestly THEY do and their diclaimer is in the owners manual how to break in the drive train and when you take it in and they pull up the stats in the ecm ur out of luck period u have no leg to stand on.
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