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How do you touch your Camaro?

How do you touch your Camaro?

Most of us have heard the debate, although some of us may have not, so a quick run-thorough.

When you touch your Camaro (washing/drying/claying/waxing/sealing/quick detailing/etc) you run the risk of inflicting some very light micro scratches on the paint's surface. These marks are often referred to as marring. This marring can be eliminated or greatly reduced by using proper Autopian technique when touching your Camaro: Two bucket method when washing, using a mist of high-lubricity quick detailer spray when towel drying, and so on).

There are several trains of thought on how the best way to touch your Camaro:

One theory is that you should always touch the Camaro in the same direction, usually in the direction of airflow over the paint on the horizontal surfaces (front to back/back to front) and up and down on the sides of the vehicle. The reason being is that any marring that is accidentally inflicted will be far less visible if it only occurs in one direction. For example marring that runs up and down on the doors will only be visible at when the sun is at a very acute angle to the paint, where as marring that runs across the sides of the vehicle would be more visible at any angle because the sun would catch the marring at all angles, much like a book shelf.

Another theory is that as long as proper precautions are used and proper Autopian technique is utilized marring should not occur at all, or should be so reduced as to not have a negative impact on the paint. Certain techniques (such as applying or buffing off waxes) seem to work better when tiny, over lapping circles are used for example. Also it is far more time consuming to wash the sides of a vehicle moving up and down then it is to wash it side to side and follow the natural contours of the panel.

One thing is for certain, regardless of the way you touch your Camaro, using proper technique and high-quality ingredients will always maintain the finish of your vehicle better and keep your paint looking great for much longer periods of time.

Wash Camaro using a two bucket method. Fill the wash bucket with the correct dilution of a high-quality, high-lubricity Camaro soap solution and water. Fill a second bucket, the rinse bucket, with just water. Place a Grit-Guard ® insert into the bottom of each bucket. Use a high quality, soft, and gentle wash mitt or sponge.

Start by rinsing all loose dirt from the surface, then load your wash mitt or sponge with an adequate amount of solution. Squeeze the solution on the surface that you are about to wash, then lightly wash the paint using no pressure, allowing the mitt and solution to clean the surface. Before adding more soap into your wash mitt or sponge, dunk it in the rinse bucket (the bucket with just water) and wring it out. This will release and trap any dirt, keeping your wash solution free of any abrasive material. Continue washing in this manner, rinsing frequently!

Remove as much loose water as you can, as quickly as you can (to avoid water spots). Letting water run over the paint in a free stream (known as flooding) will cause the water to pool and cascade off the surface.

When it comes time to dry, use a soft, absorbent towel such as a Guzzler in combination with a light mist of quick detailer spray. The detail spray will introduce some much needed lubricity to the paint's surface to avoid marring, as well as clean any light, newly formed water spots, and add a just-waxed looked.

When claying, use plenty of lubrication and a light touch. Inspect the clay surface frequently and fold it onto itself when it becomes contaminated. Use the least aggressive clay bar necessary to clean your surface.

Apply paint sealants car waxes using a soft foam or microfiber application. Make sure the surface is clean of any debris, dirt, or dust. Your wax applicator should stay clean and not pick up any dirt residues.

Buff off wax/sealant/polish residues-
Use a soft, gentle microfiber towel. Inspect your microfiber towel frequently and fold to a new side often. Dirt and debris can easily become entangled in the grabby microfiber surface.

Ultimately, how you touch your Camaro is going to be a personal preference, but using proper technique and high-quality products will always give you the best defense against causing damage to your paint.
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