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Engine Cleaning

how do i clean my engine ? what do i use ? is it safe spraying water all over the engine with my hose ? first time doing it and i dont wanna mess things up thanks in advance !
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Eh, that'll happen
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That how I do it. Try not to focus water directly on the alternator, but I just use a water hose with handle on the end. Never had an issue with any of my cars.
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Very good idea to cover the electronics such as the fuse box ,ecm and such. Also a good idea to make sure you do not get a bunch of water in the air filter or intake tube.
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Spot free rinse. LOW PRESSURE!!!
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Low pressure water hose works great. I've done this many times on my Silverado and Camaro with no issues. Don't run constant water on the ignition coils, ECM, and fuse box. No need to use an engine degreaser/all-purpose cleaner unless you don't clean the engine for a long time.
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Norcal Camaros
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Water only with a fan spray nozzle, dont use high pressure or degreaser it will mess up your paint. For the tuff stuff down low i use a 40/60 Simple Green to water. If i haven't cleaned it for a while.
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A couple things about detailing an engine.

What you need
  • Degreaser
  • Brushes and old towels (used microfibers are great)
  • Nitrile or Latex Gloves
  • Running Water
  • Engine Dressing
  • Plastic Baggies/Aluminum Foil

What makes it easier
  • A MasterBlaster/Blower

Here is the thing. Washing/Detailing an engine does represent some risk.

  1. Start by warming the engine up slightly (not hot).
  2. Use plastic baggies and aluminum foil (it wraps and fits around almost any component) to mask off air filters, intake ducting, electrical components, the alternator, etc. If you are not familiar with these parts then you shouldn't be detailing your engine.
  3. Spray degrease, I recommend Meguiar's Super Degreaser or BLACKFIRE All N One APC, over the engine bay. Allow to dwell for 30 seconds.
  4. Use your rags, mitts, and brushes to clean and agitate areas of heavy grease.
  5. Rinse the engine well, but never aim a direct blast at the engine or electrical components. Instead wash around the engine by blasting the firewall, fenders, extra, until all of the degreaser has been rinsed away.
  6. If you have a leaf blower or Metro-Blaster (recommended) evacuate all standing water from the engine. Use a towel to dry the rest.
  7. Remove baggies and aluminum foil
  8. Close hood and start engine. Allow to run up to operating temp for several minutes to boil off any remaining water.
  9. Open hood and let air dry.
  10. Apply dressing.

For a dressing, I have never used anything that is quite as durable or looks as nice as this: Sonus Trim & Motor Kote. It is an acrylic polymer sealant for trim (vs. an oil based/dust attracting/greasy "dressing"). It is a little unique in application.

Here is a How To thread I posted on this forum, with a review and pictures: Sonus Trim & Motor Kote Review
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Don't be so fearful of using a pressure washer. Modern engine compartments like the Camaro's are pretty weather resistant. I have used the pressure washer dozens of times and on every previous car I ever owned, for that matter. The only issue EVER was on an old pickup with a distributor cap, which let some water get inside.

So long as you keep the wand 12" or so away from any electrical boxes you aren't going to be forcing water inside. The VOLUME of water out of a pressure washer is actually much less, and probably better than running a garden hose into your alternator. The hood liner is probably the most sensitive part in there.

Like others have suggested, run the engine for 30 minutes afterwards, and use an electric leaf blower to blow off most of the water for a spot free finish.
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ActNup NY

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Is there a video on here or somewhere of someone performing this movement. Sad to say my engine bay area has never been clean since the purchase of my car. Only cause just my luck I spray the wrong thing and put my baby gurl out of commission:(
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I just do what Adam's tells me to:
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Adam's Polishes

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Heres something I threw together awhile ago to outline my process... best of all its done on a Camaro


A d a m s P o l i s h e s . c o m
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