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Ordering process

Can anyone explain the ordering process to me. I was told you can only order from dealers who have allocation. My dealer, Walker, took my order but did not have allocation at the time. I was told I am an "1100" . And will stay at 1100 until they have "Concensus"??? What is 1100 what is concensus and when do they get it?

I am lost, all I want to do is buy a car not become a production specialist.

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There's a lot of info on here that explains all of this in more detail if you look around...but the way i've followed it...

1100 is a status code that just means your order is in the dealer's system, but GM hasn't pulled it into theirs to be built yet. This can't happen until GM tells your dealer he can order a car - your car in this case - which is basically consensus. This happens once a month. If by "allocation" your dealer meant his estimated guide number of camaros that he would be given through Q3, and you are not in that initial run, then you will not be in any of your dealers consensus periods until they finish all these other pre-orders first. Besides that, no one knows when or what is happening, there is no rhyme or reason to the way GM is building cars. Oh, and you will be a production specialist by the time you get your car.
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Wondering if anyone has been affected by dealer closings, ordered my car late October 2008, and last Friday my dealership was on the list to close. Yesterday the dealer called me and told me that he would not be able to get my order, he said that he would refund my money, but that if I ordered from another dealership that I would not be guaranteed price protection. The dealer tried to call other dealers in the area and they would order me one but at 5k over sticker. I had agreed to buy mine a 2ss 6sp RJT/black for sticker. This really sucks especially after waiting almost four years
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Thanks jachevy28.
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Well this all sucks and I am sorry to see it.
DH and I ran into soemthing like this with the dealership in Tampa that we ordered from back in October. It turns out they didn't have any allocations either.
Trust me we asked all the right questions all year long and went to their unvailing of a base model Camero on 5/6 where they once again provided us with a we don't know anything yet type of answer. We had basically been begginig for details on the status of our order of our car when one of our friends hands us a newpaper picture of not one, but three different Camero's one being a 2SS black Camero at a dealership just North of us. So, when asked what I wanted to do for Mother's Day I said I want to see this car.

So, we headed over to Castriota Chevorlet in New Port Richey where we sat in a Silver SS and I feel in love, (turns out the black SS was a customers that ordered one back in October and it was of course already off the lot. They gave it to him at the unvailing). Sorry, but I just didn't get the warm fuzzies from the base model that I saw and though DH tried to tell me how different ours would be I just couldn't visualize it. Anyway, we explained our current predicument and got to meet the owner Tom Castriota. I think they really felt bad for us as he even called his inventory manager at home on a Sunday to see if he had any allocations left that they could give us. That next day we were at Castriota in New Port Richey and walked out with a order number. I think he said they were given 12 allocoations this time. God Bless them, because now our car is already in broadcast status and if it wasn't for them, we still would be waiting for that other dealership, who no matter how many ways we asked about the allocations wouldn't give us a straight answer. Castriota's customer service is awesome, they are really knowledgable and have already put people in their ordered Cameros. I have been told their next allocations will be available in July, so if anyone is still looking I'd buy from them! And no they did not mark up the price even though with the perdicument we were in they probably could have and we'd have still paid it. They are good people and worth the drive.
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