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Steve Dallas
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Two bad

I've order tons of stuff through Newegg in the past, and have had a return here & there. They've always been good that least for me.

Anyways, I got in my video card on Tuesday, and a Thrustmaster steering wheel yesterday.

The video card glitched twice in the first two days, but not badly...just what looked like artifacting.

Yesterday, I plugged in the steering wheel, and the wheel and buttons on that part worked fine. The pedals go down on the floor, and everything hooked up ok. Accelerator worked fine, but the brake and clutch showed no response in the setup tool. In fact, that's when I noticed the clutch was pushed all the way in and there was a rattling inside the foot pedal enclosure. Probably a spring, maybe something else broke loose. While the wheel was still plugged in, the iRacing game I had artifacted really bad and a buzzing came through the headphones. It did that for a second, then went back to normal. I unhooked the steering wheel (USB) because I will be RMA'ing it.

Anyways, that was last night. The Sims 3 glitched once a bit later and sort of locked up. Windows & the game came back...but I rebooted. Got one more quick glitch...but stuff ran fine for the rest of the night.

Tonight when I got home, it glitched again twice, but the second time the computer was pulling an error on the MB and wouldn't get past a certain point in the Windows 7 boot process.

Unhooked the old card, and put in my old 295's. It's running again fine...but I'm worried Newegg might think I'm trying to scam them or something by returning both products. They both seem to be faulty though, and I'm pretty sure they'll pull through. Still, not really happy that both products failed on arrival.
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Ouch, yeah that sucks... if it was me, I would definitely call and complain to make it clear that you're disappointed in Newegg's apparent lack of quality control on those products. Granted they just sell the products, but hopefully they can put pressure on the manufacturer to step up their game.
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