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Lightbulb DIY "Scare free" Afterburners

I think most of us agree that the Concept Camaro Afterburner tail lights were

I kept looking for companys to release aftermarket afterburners but all
of their projects seemed to fizzle out.

So I decided to try my own and doing it in
such a way that would take the scare out of greatly altering my OEM lights. I also wanted them to have depth, not just black stickers on the lense.

Here are the
results and how I did them.

First, I found some thin aluminum...

Second, I cut myself some half moons with a tab. Dimensions are below. Don't forget to double check the direction you will need to bend the tab for each specific housing. It'll save you the time of having to cut another because your tab breaks.

Third, I used The Swords, Hammer of Heaven to take out rolls in my cutouts. Then I filed down the burs on the edge. I felt that this would insure no one edge would reflect more than another.

Fourth, After some intensive scrutiny I figured where to cut that would minimize alteration and still allow the half moons to be adjustable and drop smoothly into the housing. The arrows only represent the boundries of the cut line, which is the single connecting line. That cut is on the lower tier and across the housing support bars.

Fifth, I cut then rinsed all of the excess plastic sawdust out of the housing.

Sixth, I slid the half moon in and adjusted it where I felt it was centered. Then placed a mounting screw (pre-tapping both with a small drill bit is a must.)

Seventh, I shook them out good and dried them over night with a fan blowing right over the bulb openings. Then I sealed the cuts, mounting screw, etc. with silicone to insure no moisture gets in. Once the silicone was dry I gave the lense housing some quick, light mouth to mouth to insure it didnt leak air.

Mounting time.

Here's a quick vid of how they look. Give me some feed back on what you think, concerns or questions please. Have a good one!

The two pics below are the real Concept Camaro, followed by my night shots.

Now, my DIY's at night.....

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Looks good so far. Need to see a night video or photo to see it full potential.

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Yeah, great idea, dont change the look during the day much, but it's cheap and good looking at certain angles, and I'm sure at night
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Well I'll say you nailed the effect pretty damn good. I'd like to see what it looks like at night. Nice job.

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good looking stuff bro, plz some night video/pics

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Thanks for the good word. I'll post some night shots this evening after sundown.

As far as day differences...believe it or not they reflect light out, so it has a reverse effect in the day time (no lights on.)

More pics to follow.
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Can't wait to see night pics!
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Scalded Dog

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Good job... well done project, and kudos for a very well presented pictorial and commentary on the project as it was being done! I am mightily impressed... 95% of the instruction manuals that come with "some assembly required" do not have even a fraction of the clarity and attention to detail that you presented! Seriously, well done!
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wow thats genious and looks awesome!
Cant wait to see a night shot.
My only concern would be getting it to be centered in the taillight but I think this looks great!
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Good job
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That's the kind of mod I love. DIY with awesome result!. Great job.
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Certainly beats baking them and taking them apart. Looks good!
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I smiled reading this, very clever man. Please take a bunch of night shots and some more day shots. I might be doing this, this week...
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afterburner, afterburners, diy, lights, taillights

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