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Originally Posted by CAM ZL1 View Post
I am very interested and the service tech working on the car would be interested as well to know if that wiring harness is intentionally placed in the location mine was or if it really was a fluke. So if any ZL1 owners feel like getting underneath their car, please report back.

The service technician that's working on my ZL1 seems to be going the extra mile in getting this car back to "new". My trust in production GM cars; however, has taken a pretty big hit unfortunately. In the brief chat I had with customer service, I was offered a year's worth of tire rotations and oil changes on a vehicle whose tires cannot be rotated and oil that lasts the better part of an entire year.
I would also be very upset with the car and especially poor customer service like that when it comes to a brand new $60K vehicle. I commend the tech for trying but something major is clearly wrong here and should be addressed directly by Chevy and not just the dealer. I would contact a district manager and or someone with the power to help push for a new car. My experience tells me a lemon from day one is always a lemon.
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Wow what a nightmare! I would stay on this for sure! Post it all the good and the bad. I hope GM handles this for you quickly. I had a service manager try to strong arm me over a warranty issue before and I'll never own another Toyota again due to that experience. Thinking about it still makes me mad. Good luck and I hope someone steps up and helps you with these issues. I know from my business you can have 1000 rights and just 1 wrong but the 1000 rights shows your quality but how you handle that 1 wrong shows your character.
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Originally Posted by zl1cam580 View Post
Oh man, that sucks man....I'm actually concerned about my car, it #1567 just a few cars older than yours. I think they were built the same week. I'm still under 1500 so I'm taking it easy just wondering if I'm going to run into the same issue :(.
You guys also have to remember the motors aren't built at the same time as the cars and were actually made in mexico.
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Issues can and do arise with any new build. This is a first reported. Keep it within perspective. I am sure they will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem. Let's not blow it out of proportion. I am not minimizing the angst or plight of the OP. I can feel for his frustration, but understand anything can and will happen under Murphy's Law and this is a perfect example of that. I hope all works out to the OP's satisfaction in the end.
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Man that is terrible. Sorry you are having to go through this.

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Originally Posted by klatterblast View Post
I would definatly let them keep it , they would have to replace too much to be like new again. I thought Chevy had the love it or leave it guarantee. Order a 2013 ZL1.

Hope you get it all worked out soon.
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Originally Posted by SSMagna View Post
LMAO! Really the car in Canada and the motor in Mexico and who bailed them out?
Sorry but I couldn't help it
Canadian government, Ontario government and the US government bailed them out.
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I'll be back...
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Looks like you have a conscientious tech doing the work...he went out of his way to put rags between the screw jack and frame. Nice.
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Cam 1,
I am a Chevy man through and through, if they don't fix this to like new? Let us know. They had better do the right thing and make you happy. I know your suffering but you can see your not alone. We are all behind you, if it helps at all. It will be made right surely.
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I wonder if they still use a freeze plug where the pilot bearing goes . If they do like they did on the 4th gens it can come lose and leak oil out of the pilot hole (mine did and it cost me a new clutch) .
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Camaro Fred
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This is really disappointing to hear. Once again, it is the service technician that sounds like he is doing everything possible for you. Take him out for a drink after work for his efforts. Keep the status flowing, all of us ZL1 owners are in this together and collectively we can make sure information dealerships may not have gets used when it should. Good luck.
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wyoming zl1
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Man i feel for you. This totally blows What a let down after what most of us went through to get these cars. Lets hope GM does right by you, no reason they wont. As Fbodfather has stated several times, GM does not like unhappy customers. Keep us posted and I hope this all works out.
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Originally Posted by Sc0rPs View Post
Canadian government, Ontario government and the US government bailed them out.
My memory tells me that the engine is U.S.-made in Michigan, and that it's the transmission that's assembeled in Mexico.
In the end, the OP just needs his car to be made right again.
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1st Gen Forever
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Hey CAM ZL1. Sucks what you're going through with your new ZL1. I have #140. It's also AGM with a manual. Have just over 5000 miles on it and it's currently down for mods in my garage so I figured I'd go out and at least look at my wire harnes routing for the power steering for ya. Unlike your picture in post #6, mine routes through the green box in your picture so I'm assuming your tech re-routed yours before taking the picture. I can see the bracket he may be referring to but at least on my car it doesn't look like it's at risk of cutting. I like the stock routing.

I hope you get the oil issue worked out. Seems like a bad warranty issue thats requiring some disassembly to get resolved. Sucks dude!
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2012, issue, oil leak, pcv, pos, problem, zl1

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