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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS M6
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Jasmine's Journal by Neu

Been contemplating making one of these for my baby since I've been reading through everyone's. Alright, first off I must say this is definitely a Journal and not a build thread. For now anyways, once I get her paid off it will probably be the end of me.

Im 21, born and raised in Ohio. Senior year of Highschool I enlisted in the Army. Got married a year later and soon after I deployed to Iraq for a 12 month tour. When I got back I had some money in the bank and the love for a 5thGen Camaro that couldn't be held back. Took ~3 weeks of doing the math and convincing my wife that I could afford one. Once she gave me the go ahead I was extremely pumped. I was mainly looking for a V6 since that was what was in my price range. Then I stumbled upon a 2010 IBM 2SS/RS M6 that was in my price range. Went and checked it out at a Used Ford dealership. She had ~43k miles on it, which explains why she was in my price range. Once I test drove it I knew it was the one, no doubt about it. Came back a week later and bought her, ended up paying 27k out the door tax&title and all. After 8 month of ownership I have put another 14k miles on her and owe a grand total of $4100. The bad: I've recieved 2 glorious door dings, one not horrible on the passenger side fender and the other a nasty one on the passenger side door.

11/01/11- Brought her home. Didn't take long for me to name her, her name is Jasmine.

Now for the Mods...the few that iv done.

12/25/11- K&N CAI

03/15/12- Skip Shift Eliminator
Painted Rims Charcoal Grey

ZL1 Grille

Borla S-Type Cat-Back

I have taken her to the track twice now, best I have ran is a 13.60. Unfortunately they were in the process of switching the paper on my run so I didn't get any slip for it. Ill post a few of my slips that I do have though when I get a chance, 13.717 was my next fastest. I believe DA was around 2500-2700. I have a set of 18x9.5 Corvette rims on the way and Im going to get some DR's for them, so I don't burn up my street tires too much. Won't be until after Camaro Fest though, so maybe it will cool down a little by then.

All Comments and suggestions, good or bad are welcome. I will slowly be adding more mods, pictures, time slips, stories, ect. Here are some things that may or may not be coming soon...ish

18" DR + Drive Shaft Loop
Debadge fender "Camaro" emblems
Smoke/Black out side marker % taillights.
BC Coilovers
Hurst STS

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Your car looks great and I can't wait to see more pics & mods.
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS M6
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I snapped a picture of the CAI I put on a while back and added it to the first post, just excuse the dirty engine bay, its impossible to keep the damn thing clean in Kansas with how much I drive it.
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS M6
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Location: Ohio
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First time I ever took Jasmine to the track. I went to Hearland Park in Topeka, KS. Had some fun but got pretty irritated in the process as these are my 2 best times I could muster up. They were my first and last runs of the night. I couldn't seem to get any grip all night, lowering my airpressure made no noticeable effect. Most of my other runs were 14.0-14.3 with a stray 15 where I missed a gear and some 14.4-14.5. (They fudged up my car # all night so I circled my car)

Corrects to: 13.646 @110.9mph

Corrects to: 13.78 @ 106.7mph

The second time I went to the same track, the Friday after the 4th. Blazing hot heat for damn sure, DA was around 3160. There wasn't many cars their and I made 16 passes on the night, even with parking my car for a combined 60-90 minutes. I was letting off because I had the wifey with me and didn't want to go faster then 13.99 and get her kicked out of the car (plus I didn't have a helmet with me). My best run of the night was also my last, however I didn't get a slip for it as they were changing out the paper at the time of my run. It was a 13.60. I was Car #350

This is my second pass of the night(let off obviously), but I posted it because it was my best 1/8th mile time all night besides maybe my last run.

Corrects to: 13.245 @ 109.3

Corrects to: 13.197 @ 109.0
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