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Arrow PFYC Sinister Kit Review - The good, the bad, the ugly

Ladies and Gentleman I have been promising this review on the PFYC full Sinister appearance package to this forum and to my club for the past 6 months. I originally went with PFYC because I wanted something different from the GM package and I had dealt with PFYC before with my Grand Prix. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I have gotten so many PMs from members of C5 asking me what I have done with the hood and it seems my story isnít the only one out there. I donít think a lot of people realize the issues with this kit and with this company, so I finally found the time to sit down and pull everything together to tell my story.

I took delivery of my 2011 1SS/RS on July 4th 2011, but the Camaro stayed at the dealerís body shop for almost 4 months. Iíll start one part at a time and end with the hood.

Rear Fascia:

This is the first rear fascia my body shop received. It was mock fit and painted. When the part was put on the car we noticed it was a little too wide. I was told from my body shop that they asked PFYC about this and they said once the adhesive was added the part would fit snug against the car. A few days after installation, the part started to pull away from the car and it started to bow in the middle. The shop took the car back and tried to refit the part with a stronger adhesive. The 3M rep gave us the nastiest adhesive they produce and the part still pulled off the car. We were also having issues with the hood, I'll get to that, and sent these photos of the diffuser to PFYC. After a full month of terrible customer service and phone tag, we convinced them to send us a new rear diffuser. The new rear fascia looked almost completely different than the first. It was smaller, had more of a curve and felt more solid than the first. It painted and installed almost perfectly.

Side Skirts:

The design and appearance of these side skirts are amazing and I get compliments on them all the time since they match the Camaro's gills. They have their issues too though. The passenger side side skirt was good and we havenít had any problems with it. The drivers side side skirt however is a totally different story. From the box it was a little warped but the body shop was able to get it straightened up and looking really good. A few weeks after it was fitted to the car it started to warp again. Below are the pictures of before it was fixed. I took it back and the shop was able to get it lined up and fitting snug to the car again. I was perfectly happy with the way the skirts looked, until I came out of work on a hot day and noticed the bottom body line sagging on the drivers side. We have sent pictures in numerous emails and have tried calling over and over, but PFYC hasnít bothered to contact my body shop to make this right. The product has a 6 month factory warranty that PFYC matches with their own 6 month warranty. We contacted them almost 3 months ago and still havenít heard anything from them to get a replacement. My 1 year purchase date is almost up. Unacceptable!

Sinister Hood:

This is the first hood that PFYC sent to my dealer. It was a disaster. It was dry fit and didnít start to curl until after it was painted and baked. I was told that probably whoever was supplying this hood probably didn't let the hood cure enough between coats of fiberglass. That is why the edges curled after it was painted and heated up. The hotter it got outside the worst the edges curled. The tip of the hood never lined up to the body of the car. Below are the pictures that we sent to PFYC. After several month and several emails and phone calls from the body shop manager PFYC finally decided to ship us another hood. When it arrived it had more waves in it than the first one. It was horrible. At this point had been almost 3 months of going back and forth with PFYC. They never returned our calls or emails. I told the body shop to return both hoods and get my money back. Both hoods are still sitting on the shop floor waiting to be shipped back because PFYC won't return our calls or emails.

I asked around and ran across MPD1. It just so happened the owner was a friend of several members of the club. I sent him an email after dealing with PFYC and within a week he had a new hood made and ready for pick up. His hood was a night and day difference from PFYC's. Every line matched and it fit perfect from day one. I met the owner a few weeks later and personally thanked him for jumping up and helping without hesitation. His hood is amazing and I suggest it to everyone I meet!

MPD1 Hood:

After it was all said and done 2 pieces out of the 5 piece kit were actually good, the spoiler and the front air dam. The front air dam looks pretty good (I'll be changing it soon I think) and I get complements on the spoiler all the time. Those were the only parts that, from the first go out of the box, fit and installed perfectly. 2 of the 5 were returned and exchanged for new parts. 1 of those 2 will never be installed because the lack of quality control. And 1 of the side skirts is still messed up and probably won't be fixed like it should without me buying another set. So was it worth it? You tell me.

The SS looks amazing today, but I don't know.
I know some people that have gotten good kits from PFYC. I guess on the day they sent out good products my name just wasn't on the list. If PFYC contacts me or my body shop after this posts and states they want to make things right and deal with us again, I'll gladly post new pictures with a new attitude towards them, but until then do yourself a favor and stay away from this kit and stay away from PFYC. If you have pictures, good or bad, of this kit post them please and tell everyone your story. We would all love to hear it I am sure.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. I am looking at body upgrades as are many camaro owners and it helps to know the good and the problems.
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He handled this whole situation much better than I would have. Miss ya Big A... come up to visit more!
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Thanks for the info, was torn between the GM skirts for the Sinister skirts. now I know which way to go

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PM sent.

PFYC is put in an awkward situation when the customer has their body shop actually place the order for their parts. Due to privacy concerns, we are not allowed to speak directly with the customer because he did not place that order, the body shop did. It is PFYC's policy in this type of scenario to ask the shop that placed the order if we have permission to speak directly with the customer. If that shop for whatever reason does not give us permission, we are not allowed to even confirm an order was placed with the customer much less discuss it.

This not only puts PFYC in a precarious position, it is also unfair to the customer because all the customer hears is one side of the story and does not hear the other side of the story or see the efforts that have been made. We've all experienced how a story evolves once you start hearing the other side. I would encourage anyone in this position to request their shop to put in writing PRIOR to the purchase that they give PFYC permission to communicate directly with the customer regarding ALL aspects of the order and support. Or better yet, place the order yourself so you don't have to worry about it.

For that reason, we can not speak directly in reference to this specific order but we can speak in general and hypothetical terms.

I can tell you based on the photos you've supplied that the installation of the side skirts and rear fascia you show did in no way follow the installation instructions. That's easy to see simply at a glance and is easy to remedy.

I'm sorry you went through what you did but I can tell you it was all easily avoidable. Your first clue should be that there aren't 1000 other similar threads posted here from the past 3 years. Reply to my PM and I'll be happy to offer you the steps you need to take to move forward. I'll even offer to fly you out to the manufacturers facility to see how all of the parts are built and how they are test fit prior to packaging and shipping and you can judge for yourself what might have actually gone wrong with your order. While we may not be able to discuss your order specifically due to the privacy concerns, I can certainly point you in the direction of how to find out about the other side of the story and also see firsthand how things are done and how they may have gone wrong on your specific order.
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Since this post, PFYC, my body shop, and myself have all got together and hashed out a plan to fix every issue I have posted. We spent a solid hour on the phone discusing each issue and how everything can be resolved. Last week I recieved new side skirts and they are waiting to be installed. We also talked about getting the original hoods back to the manufacturer so that they can mock them on another car and see exactly what we saw first hand. So far it seems everything will be made right by PFYC and the manufacturer of these kit. I'll post again and fully update everything once we get everything good to go and looking amazing again.
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Any update?
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