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Question Multi-Mod Installation Order?

Hopefully this weekend I'll be afforded the opportunity to install my performance and cosmetic parts. I was looking for the optimum sequence or confirmation that I'm doing it correctly.

To be installed:
  • Intake
  • Scoop
  • Windshield Washer Bottle Relocation Package
  • Headlights with halos
  • Fog Lights
  • Side markers
  • Axle-back exhaust
The sequence of install I figured that would allow me most room for all the work would be:
  1. Front of car on jack stands (20 minutes)
  2. Remove both front tires (20 minutes)
  3. Remove front wheel liners (10 minutes)
  4. Remove front fascia (30 minutes)
  5. Remove factory intake (5 minutes)
  6. Remove factory WW bottle (10 minutes)
  7. Cut for scoop (20 minutes)
  8. Install WW Bottle (20 minutes)
  9. Install Scoop (10 minutes)
  10. Remove factory head lights (10 minutes)
  11. Install head lights (requires wiring of a Dual Add-a-Fuse and 2 toggles with one being for the fogs, but not final mounting of toggle switches in cabin) (45 minutes)
  12. Install Intake (30 minutes)
  13. Install fogs and front side markers in removed fascia. (5 minutes)
  14. Reinstall front fascia and connect fog wires. (30 minutes)
  15. Reinstall wheel liners and wheels (30 minutes)
  16. Lower front end. (20 minutes)
  17. Place read end up on jack stands and install exhaust. (60 minutes)
  18. Lower car and install rear side markers. (30 minutes)
  19. Mount toggles for fogs and halos. (20 minutes)
  20. Detail until glorious shine. (180 minutes )
  21. Marvel. (until ported TB arrives )
Was looking for anyone who thinks that this order would be counter productive, say if installing the scoop before the WW relocation kit makes it easier or if cable routing to the cabin pass through is completely unaffected by the intake being installed, or is this an intelligent approach?

I will probably have several sets of hands when needed and will try to document all the installs as I go to add to the DIY section which may slow my install but expedite another members.

I'll be doing this inside but with an estimated 6 hours before detailing I could 2 stage the installs leaving the exhaust for another day.

I realize it's the journey, but my permagrin would reach Cheshire proportions in a weekend.
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That sounds like a way better plan than I had lol mine was "let's just wing it and put the sh*t on"
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