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Water softener/filter

First off I searched, no haters please!
Someone had posted that they found a water softener for an RV that they used to help combat water spots on their Camaro. It was fairly in expensive and I think it came from Walmart?
Anyone else remember this or knows what I'm talking about?
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Hope this helps out, this is what I use.
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I have one from Costco called CR Spotless De-Ionizing Water System made by Spotless Water System. It wasn't cheap, about $400 but filters the water pretty good and our water here is awful. It's fairly large and on wheels like a small welding setup. The filter will get dirty, so I only use it to rinse the car.
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I have a water softener system for my entire house, and then that goes into a whole house water filter that filters chemicals and sediment out, then that goes out into the autogeek water filter/softener before it hits my car.
So, it is filtered 4 times and softened 2 times.
The water here is horrendous and they have to heavily treat it.
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I really miss the MrClean car wash. It came with a filter for rinsing the car.
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Originally Posted by etmx183 View Post
Hope this helps out, this is what I use.
Just ordered it I have 179 miles on my new ZL1 and am waiting for a whole lot of stuff from Adams. This step was also mentioned by a respected detailer/friend of mine as one of his secret weapons.

Thanks for posting this I hope more people consider it
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I read this thread when it started and decided to order the Culligan RV800 from Amazon. I used it tonight and was extremely pleased with the results.

Thanks to etmx183 for providing the info!

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You have two options:

Water Softening- This replaces hard water mineral ions with sodium ions (basically a salt exchanger). With a water softener you will may get some light water marks but they are not water spots, just sodium residue that wipes away easily.

Water Softening Solutions

Water De-Ionizing- A water deionizer, such as the CR Spotless removes the hard water mineral ions so that the water is completely clean. This is a more expensive option but one that will leave absolutely no water spots.

CR Spotless Systems
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