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Drives: 2010 2LT/RS
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Thought about doing a build thread in about May, but decided against it. Figured it'd take too long to document all my mods, what was going through my head every time, and how I went about doing everything. Then I heard that you won't get CoTW without one, so here I am making one 5 months later after I've done even MORE mods and it will be even MORE of a pain

So with my dream of achieving internet greatness on the line, let the fun begin...

Current Specs/Pic:

Name:  472495_603489355745_1545280930_o.jpg
Views: 2275
Size:  76.6 KB

Exterior Modifications

Black front bowtie
purple illuminated black rear bowtie
20% window tints
SMD Afterburner tail lights
Plasma running lights
tinted tail lights
factory GFX
ghosted sidemarkers
vertical doors
22" Lexani LSS-10 wheels
RGB Underglow/grille lighting
MPD1 Spoiler
MPD1 Z-Force Hood
JDP Colorshift Halos
Chrome turn signal bulbs
AAC concept mirrors
Black chrome tail light bezels

Interior Modifications
Purple footwell, trunk lights
RGB interior dome light
Emblempros switch plate
custom interior trim from Lupe
Dash ABL
2013 Frameless mirror retrofit
Custom Engine cover

Performance/Handling Modifications
MRTv2 Exhaust w/square tips
Hurst short throw shifter
CAI intake
MACE 25mm
RX Catchcan
ported throttlebody
ADM Scoop
K&W Variant 3 Coilovers

Future Planned Modifications
Waiting for install:
Black Chrome fender badging

Rideskinz Aggressor 2 front fascia

Vented fenders
Custom ZL-1 grille
Custom door/dash trim by Lupe

Name:  Camaro Sunset.jpg
Views: 6308
Size:  87.0 KB

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Drives: Red 2SS/RS M6
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It's about time

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Drives: 2010 2LT/RS
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Prelude: The Birth of a Monster
Age 16 - September 2011

I was never into cars. I remember in high school, everyone was creaming themselves over The Fast and the Furious cars, but I never understood why you'd buy a crappy Honda Civic and spend more money to soup it up than you did on the car in the first place. Why not just buy a nice car from the start? While, of course, that mentality still applies to ricers like the ones in the movie, I've since learned about the mod addiction and things are different on the Camaro

My first car was a 98 Toyota Avalon XLS. Great car, had a little pick up, and had a HUGE backseat which was great for a high school kid trying to get action anywhere/way he could. Never did any aftermarket work for it - not sure if there were even any options. Even if there were, the mentality stated above kept me from getting into it. It survived hitting two different deer, a trip to Florida in August with a broken air conditioner, and a few fender benders before being traded in with ~195k miles. The one pictured was not the exact car I had, but quite similar.

Decided I wanted to step it up for the next car. Originally I was looking at a Mercedes SLK, but I just couldn't fit in comfortably. I looked at comparable cars and fell in love, purchasing an 04 Lexus SC430. Originally a ~$70k car, I bought it used and 5-6 years old. Needless to say, I was the perfect "10 Cent Millionaire" (still am! ). I loved having a convertible and the ability to listen to 2Pac's "To Live and Die in LA" and say "Dogg pound in the Lex with an ounce to burn!" like only a suburban white guy can

This was the first car for which I was ever interested in the aftermarket. I spent a great deal of time scouring the deep corners of the internet for body kits, "ballin" rims, etc. When it was all said and done, all I ended up with were 5% tints all around that made it damn near impossible to back up at night, and smoked head/tail lights. So much for those big dreams

Kept the car for about 2 years, during which the nightshade on the tail lights faded completely and the convertible top stopped working. Took the SC to the Lexus dealership and got a repair quote of ~$2k for the roof and decided that I'd rather spend the money on a new car. Was looking at getting a brand new IS on lease, but couldn't get the money where I wanted it.

My dad said that I should check out the new Camaro and that he really liked it, so after playing a round of golf, my girlfriend and I went to go test drive. Two days later, went back after work and sealed the deal, driving home in a used, black 2010 LLT at about 11 PM. That night changed my life (or at least the way I've looked at spending money ) ever since.

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Drives: 2010 2LT/RS
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Camaro Ch. 1: Stepping Up My Game
September 2011 - January 2012

I purchased the vehicle a few days after test-driving. It was my first standard transmission car as my girlfriend has only recently taught me how to drive stick. I also never had a black car before - definitely didn't know what I was getting myself into! I took it home and had the permagrin which I know everyone has experienced.

Chapter 1 primarily consists of cosmetic upgrades. Considering I had never actually "cared" about a car before, I had (and still have) a lot to learn on the mechanical side of things, but I don't need to do any research to know what I think looks good

From the start, with a black car, I knew I needed to get some dark tints. Based on my experience of not being able to see out my Lexus' back window with 5%, I decided to go with a more tolerable 20% on the Camaro. I like dark tints, so aesthetically, the 20 wasn't quite as nice, but as far as functionality is concerned, it amazing. Also had the entire windshield tinted 50%. Not quite legal, but how many of us haven't bent the rules somewhere along the way?

My cousins boyfriend worked as a mechanic at the dealership where I bought my car, and definitely came in handy along the way during those early days. He was able to switch out my wheels that had some cosmetic damage from the previous owner with those from another Camaro trade-in they received. He also hooked me up with the blacked out bowties from that car and switched them with my gold ones.

I also purchased a set of AAC sidemarkers from another member on the forum. While I bought them used and didn't expect a perfect product, I never really was comfortable with what I got. They were painted black, but not tinted or ghosted, so they had a white stripe where the LEDs were that stuck out like a sore thumb. However, they were cheaper than new, and they served their purpose for a few months.

It was about this time (October/November) that I met up with some local guys through this website and joined their little group. My fellow DMVC5 guys have given me some fantastic ideas and advice along the way Obviously, as soon as you start hanging out with other owners who share a similar passion, it only gives you more of a drive to set yourself apart and make the car your own! Between that, and my girlfriend asking me "When will you stop looking at all this stuff you want to do on-line and actually do it?", the pace really started picking up.

With some Christmas funds, I accepted her challenge. First costly "plunge" I made was for some AAC products. I purchased their afterburners, a purple illuminated bowtie, plasma DRLs, and purple footwell/dome/trunk lighting kit. Paid to have them installed at a local shop (paid way more than I should have - you live, you learn) and had everything wired up to an Emblempros switchplate. While I had to sacrifice my rear cupholder, the switchplate is perfect for what I've used it for, and looks very clean.

Name:  photo.jpg
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Once the taillights were good to go, I went and got the tail lights tinted. While some people think that 'blacked out' is played out, you can't argue that it looks mean

Name:  416800_576099455325_1934820074_n.jpg
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The early months were all fairly simple, but still a huge leap for me from where I was coming from. First time I had ever put more than ~$300 into a car. First time I ever cared about getting my car washed regularly. Not the first time I ever felt cool driving around, but now since I was in a Camaro, it was probably the first time I actually was

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Alright great start to a kick ass build, i look forward to lot's more modifications in the near future!
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HT5 COTW 9/3/2012
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Looking great keep up the good work.
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Drives: 2010 2LT/RS
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Camaro Ch. 2: The Great Tax Return Binge of 2012
January 2012 - February 2012

This time period was my first "binge" into the Camaro - I'm sure all of you other mod addicts know what I'm talking about... As a teacher, it's tough to scrounge around for the funds in order to do more than random stuff here and there, but a quick tax filing and a perfectly timed and substantial return made it all possible. Because of that, I refer to this time period as "The Great Tax Return Binge of 2012".

Fellow club member, known on the forum as Atma, had the factory ground effects on his car, and I loved the rear. While I wasn't 100% sold on the side skirts or splitter, I loved those exhaust bezels and it made more financial sense to buy the entire package rather than just the rear fascia.

Called up Becky @ Rodgers Chevrolet and she took good care of me. Cheapest price for the package, came painted and ready for install. There was some rub damage on the front splitter that was incurred during shipping, and she didn't ask any questions - just shipped me out a fresh one. Luckily, that was only half of the tax return, so I had to find a way to blow the rest of it....

<Cue lambo door jokes now so we can get them out of the way early and I can continue my story>

Now that that's over... VERTICAL DOORS! Went with the VDI brand kit and had Tim at T&T Performance install these at the same time as the ground effects. VDI makes a great, sturdy product and Tim did a good job on the install. I've had the doors up in the wind a few times, and while they might wobble a little bit, at no point was I concerned about the thick steel hinges breaking. While this isn't a mod I expect everyone to enjoy, I'm a big fan, and living in Baltimore, sometimes the street cred comes in handy!

Name:  423375_580619951215_22663395_n.jpg
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Size:  70.5 KBName:  -5.jpg
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Size:  101.3 KBName:  -4.jpg
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The last big cosmetic upgrade from "TGTRBo2012" was a redesigned interior. No better person to call up than Lupe! He was able to find the exact paint I wanted (Raven's purple) and put together a great set of items for me. He custom painted me a smoothed center console, gauge trim, steering wheel trim, etc. He does fantastic work, and as I found out after meeting him at C5Fest, is a good person as well. I look forward to sending him down my door and dash trim to get that custom painted to match!

Name:  -6.jpg
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Size:  125.6 KB

My car to this point, and still to this day, has a strong lean towards the cosmetic mods, but I did have some minor performance work done during this binge. I wanted a louder and more aggressive sound, but I didn't want something LOUD. The last thing I wanted was my boss or fellow teachers to know that I was rolling into school late when I have first period off, so LOUD was not an option.

In order to beef up the sound a little bit, I had the MRTv2 exhaust installed. It seems to be one of the more popular V6 mods, and understandably so. Gives the car a nice growl, which I especially enjoy in the upper-range of each gear. The plus side is, it's relatively tame when I want it to be. After a while, it "broke in" and has mellowed out a little bit, which is perfect. So to sum it up - when passing a Mustang, a loud 'F You', when sneaking in late to school, not a problem I also had Tim install the MBRP exhaust tips to fit the look of the squared off exhaust bezels.

The other performance mod I had put on was a Hurst short throw shifter. Mine did not come with one from the factory, but after driving my girlfriends Infiniti, I definitely wanted to shorten up the range when rowing through the gears.

Ultimately, I think you would all agree that "The Great Tax Return Binge of 2012" was a flying success. It remains the most extensive (and expensive) work I've done in a relatively short period of time. After complete, I really felt as though I had a brand new car every time I looked at it. A world of difference!

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dey see me rollin
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Does the Great Tax Return Binge of 2013 involve a Steeler's logo on that big canvas of a rear window?
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Originally Posted by Grimlock View Post
Does the Great Tax Return Binge of 2013 involve a Steeler's logo on that big canvas of a rear window?
I'd copy your herro kitty look before I did that!
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Treasure Coast Camaro 5
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I was looking at those wheels also.
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Originally Posted by UF4LIFE102SS View Post
I was looking at those wheels also.
Gator fans are smart people!
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Originally Posted by dorfmac View Post
I'd copy your herro kitty look before I did that!
Let's not talk blasphemy here. Hello kitty has nothing on Steeler Nation.
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nice ride! your reppin us v6'ers well, i seen your getting the new mirrors and aggressor bumper, post pics when its done! i wanna see how my cars gonna look with that bumper!
Status 22" Staggered painted wheels/Eibach 1" Pro Kit Lowering Springs/Heritage Grille/Razzi Ground Effects Kit/RK Sports 3 piece Spoiler/DT Shortie Headers/Injen CAI/MRT 1.0 /Resonator Delete/Oracle Dual Red-white halos/Knight Rider grill Light/Sparks RS emblem/LED Sidemarkers/Red interior lighting/Gm fuel door/Halo Foglights/Trifecta Tune/IGGEE Seat covers/ Sinister Hood,VMAX throttle body/VMAX Black Iceolator/Technostalgia LED Taillights/3dCarbon Fender Vents/AAC Concept mirrors/zl1 bumper/AAC Plasma's/Scosche kit

WL-BMR Strut Bar/Custom rear vents
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Nice car bro! But why do you have so many purple accents I just dont get it?
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