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Grand Sport vs. ZL1 Camaro

I am all set to purchase a ZL1 this weekend, have agreed to figures on my trade-in and have decided to purchase another color since I cant find the Crystal Red Tintcoat. I still find myself wanting a grand sport because I love the 3311 lbs (800 less than ZL1) of the grand sport and the fact that you can take the top off (Coupe/targa top). Also, this new Race Blue metallic looks damn good with the GS with the chrome GS wheels. All the car magazines have the cars with the same 0-60 times. Guys that have had both, what the SOTP feeling difference between the two? Need some help asap as I am ready to trade my silverado for a sports car. I supercharge the GS if I decide to get it.

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Corvettes are nice, but working on them is a nightmare, and the ZL1 is a beast in all aspects, engine and suspension.
You can't go wrong with either one.
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Any comments???
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If you can afford to SC the GS you could put that money into a ZL1 and have one hell of a ZL1. For $5000 you can have 650 hp or for $11,000 you can have over 700 hp (price is for lingenfelter installed kits).
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stock vs stock I don't feel a huge difference in the cars.

ZL1 is a little more friendly in terms of ground clearance IMO. mainly the little air damn unter the vetts that you have a hard time not scraping.

I like the feel of the handling of the ZL1 better. I like the my link unit better than the corvette units in terms of technology. easy I pod connectivity, bluetooth streaiming, backup camera, etc

the top comes of the grand sport which is cool and the milage is better.

the really is no bad choice I see people bash on these car's but from a drivers perspective I can't see it. they are fast and fun pick the one that suits you best.

as far as mods they can both be taken to 600-650whp very easy. You may be able to score a better deal on a gransport though. to me it boils to down to do you need a back seat, do you like the targa top. performance wise they are both really good.
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Taser Deployed

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Both are good cars but don't forget that this is the last year for the vette as the body style is about to change. I've been in both and the ZL1 is the more comfortable ride IMO. The power feels about the same but I think the exhaust from the ZL1 sounds better. I've seen so many vettes in the last few years that I guess the looks are starting to wear on me a little but it's still a bad a** car. I can't see you not being satisfied with the purchase of either car so it boils down to what car better fits your lifestyle because they are completely different.
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Nothing wrong with either car. I love the GS too but it's not something I'd buy because of it's size and lack of space.

If I were going to buy a Vette though, I'd rather have a Z06.
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Agree, redesign of the vette coming shortly. Honestly cant go wrong with either and boils down to your personal preference, I like the backseat in mine to take the kiddos with me for cruises.
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If you can get a good price on the GS they are hard to beat. Saying that however they are no where near as comfortable as a CAMARO. If you are going to be driving it over 200 miles at a time regularly its CAMARO all the way. Handling wise the GS is probably going to win. Speed wise a stock GS is very close to a stock ZL1. If you supercharge the GS it will not even be close. If you spend the same 6 to 7 k on the ZL1 I am not sure you will get the same results. If you check out the corvetteonline forum you can see where Lingenfelter just put an edlebrock on a gs and what it puts down. ZL1 killer. That being said I still have a zl1 on order and am probably going to trade in the GS not the Camaro...The girls say the Corvette rides to rough. .. Family...
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While I know that everyone has an opinion on comfort, but the Corvette is easily as comfortable as a Camaro. I take my C6 Z06 on trips where I cover 800+ miles in one day......easy drive even for my near 50 year old body. The only thing lacking in the Corvette seats is lack of support when driving the car HPDE or Auto-X, and NOT road driving, where you can't really generate big g's.

If you are s/c the GS, it will easily outrun the ZL1 while getting superior MPG.
Looks are subjective, but it's hard to outshine a widebody Vette with 12" wide factory wheels and some of the largest rear tires made tucked in the fenderwells.

If you need cargo space or rear seats to carry children, the ZL1 is your car.

Ultimately, you can't really go wrong with either car.

slow a$$ Corvette
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All points made are good ones. I am in the EXACT same situation except I am going convertible. The biggest thing for me is the generation change coming up on the Vette. They will be unveiling the C7 at the Detroit Auto Show in January....and you will see vette prices tumble....along with the instant aging of your "Brand New" car. With that said and for that very reason, you should be able to pick up a very well optioned Z16 for $10-15k off of MSRP. I am looking at a 3lt centennial edition convertible with a sticker of $75k that I can get for $61k and change!!!! That is BELOW what I could get a ZL1 for although I have a dealer that calls me 3 times a day telling me they are ready to deal....he hasn't showed his hand yet though.

Another very big deal for me on the ZL1 is weight!!! Weight is the biggest enemy of performance. I had a 2002 ZO6 that pretty much matches the performance of the ZL1...that car is 10 years old now and has 175hp LESS!!! Weight does not have a linear effect like most people think(ie 10hp for every 100 pounds). There is more of a synergistic and compound effect. Not only do you need more power to overcome the weight, then you start getting into traction issues...etc. Anyway, I used to give modded Terminator Cobras(450rwhp...ish) fits with my stock 353rwhp ZO6. All they could do is shake their heads. My car weighed in at 3150 on HRP's scales. Anyway, my whole point being you have a VERY deep hole to climb out of when you are trying to mod a 4100+ pound car. To say it another way, the ZL1 is "slow" for a 580hp car...and I say that with respect.

One more knock on the ZL1 is aerodynamics. I was quite surprised to read the ZL1 had a drag coefficient of .40??? While base Corvette is at .28 and a ZO6 at .34. Some of that is to get proper downforce at speed. And a lot more of that is required for cooling....remember that "compounding effect" I was talking about??? You have all this power to move this beast and then you need cooling for all the heat generated which causes drag and slows the car!!!! Anyway, just something to think about although doesn't really bother me.

Sorry if i got a little wordy here.....this has been keeping me awake at night beacause I am trying to make this exact decision!!!

If you haven't seen it, check out this thread. These prices are only good for 2 more days so act quickly. That Carbon Flash centennial edition looks so damn good in person!!!.....and so does a murdered out blask ZL1!!!!!!
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I drove both, loved the GS. But once I drove the ZL1 you can see in my sig what I bought. I love it and very glad I bought. Already plan next month to add a couple 100 hp to her and be done. The ride quality, handling and room are awesome!! I bought with a sunroof to make me feel better about loosing the top..
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C6 GS is a great car, but this is the last year, and they will be outdated soon. ZL1 all the way!

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BeardWS6, please elaborate on your experience with the 2 drives.
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