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Valve cover oil filter breather ???

I have aftermarket valve covers and did coil relocate. I cleaned up the engine bay and have been happy with the work I did. I added a catch can. I also added a CAI.

I was wondering this specifically because I kept the hose route the way it was factory regarding the valve covers and the hose that feeds to the passenger side coming off the CAI tube.

My question really is why is the drivers side just capped off? Been that way from factory so I just kept it that way but im thinking might be better if it was vented? I was thinking I could take the rubber cap off the small nozzle and add a breather style filter there and also do the same on the passenger side valve cover or just cap that one and add a breather filter at the oil fill spot eliminating the hose that goes from the CAI.

Id like to see maybe if anyone has breathers on the valve covers on both sides and is this a benefit to the cars performance?

I hope Im making I will post some pics to.
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I was also wondering if it would help to put a breather on the drivers side.
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Elite Engineering

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We have talked about this before, you really do not want a breather anywhere in the system! This will bring in un-metered air and also breaks the proper evacuation flow. The LS3 evacuates the foul vapors from the valley, the L99 from the rear of the drivers side valve cover. Your thinking is correct on the drivers side valve train on the LS3 is left stagnant, and over time the condensation of sulfuric acid and water on that bank drips onto the rocker arms when engine cools and corrosion attacks the stamped steel retainer cups holding the needle bearings in place.

First off, what catchcan are you running? Are you running the Elite cleanside separator as well?

You have the center of the can connected to the rear of the drivers side valve cover. Cap the valley cover barb as this will not be used now. This is where the foul contaminate laden vapors are evacuated (sucked out) of the crankcase. The filtered MAF metered air will enter the passenger side valve cover (if using the Billet CSS it enters through it to prevent oil form backing into the CAI tube) and flows around the rockers arms, down the pushrod valleys, through the main portion of the crankcase flushing and making up for the contaminate laden vapors being pulled out of the drivers side valve cover.

One outlet on the catchcan with checkvalve inline flowing away from the can will run to the vacuum barb on the passenger side of the IM snout. This provides the evacuation suction when at idle, light cruise, and deceleration. Then the second outlet from the can (E2-or E2-X) will run to a barb you install in the coupler just in front of the TB. This provides the suction to continue evacuating when accelerating or at WOT when no IM vacuum us present.

Here is a video that explains all of this (why you need 2 separate evacuation suction sources. You want evacuation at ALL times, not just at idle and deceleration. Any periods the crankcase vapors are not being removed, is when they settle and mix with the oil, and this is what causes oil to no longer be usable. Watch this video to understand cam lobe reversion and how it cancels crankcase evacuation any time you accelerate even lightly:
Let us know if you need more assistance!

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