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Old 10-22-2012, 02:20 PM   #29
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I love this show!! Carl and Daryl are my favorites! That kid is up to no good with the farmer's daughter LOL!!
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I thought Darryl's brother died?
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Originally Posted by rhunley14 View Post
I thought Darryl's brother died?
You never see a body, just a severed hand

Plus, their truck mysteriously goes "missing"

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This is the only show I watch religiously
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He hasn't died. He has some contraption on his arm where his hand was.
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Lil' Nasty
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Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
Does anyone stay up and watch "Talking Dead" after the show?

I like the point about the upcoming conflict between Daryl and Merle could be pretty interesting depending on how much Merle has or hasn't changed since the last time the group saw him way back at the beginning of season one.

And do y'all think Lori's baby is stillborn and is going to turn into a zombie fetus?
I do now, I think Darryl is going to stay with the group

Hopefully it's not like the baby in dawn of the dead when the woman gave birth lol

Originally Posted by GaBoy25 View Post
So greatful it's back on dish!!!! Love this show
Whaaaaat? As of yesterday it said wasn't available on dish?
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Old 10-22-2012, 05:42 PM   #35
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Love this show. My friends got me into it after Season 1 and I've been hooked every since. Last night's episode was probably one of favorites, if not my #1. Rick is more of a badass now, Carl is starting to mature and become a productive member of the group, Lori is...well, she's still Lori haha. I'd have to say Rick and Daryl are my favorites.
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midwest mcnasty
scottie v
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Great show my wife and I love it!!!! Glen is my favorite.
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Reaper Crew
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Rick is a freakin BAD ASS!! Used to be a little "soft"......not anymore!! Absolutely love this show

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My wife and I got hooked in this show during the marathon a few weeks ago. We even went back and caught it on Netflix and saw some things we missed the first time. I still cant get over some of the idiotic decisions some of the characters make tho. Im an addict... but gotta wait till Sunday for my next fix.

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Anyone play the game by Telltale? It's pretty awesome.
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+100 life points to everyone who posted. The Walking Dead is back and going strong this season coming off a slow 2nd. Rick is a bamf and every interaction with Lori is hysterical

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Ok how cool is this....I took the video stripped the video and saved it as an MP3. I put it on my website, so you can right click it "save as" and put it on your computer and then use it as your ringtone. I put it as my alarm to wake me up in the morning, it went off the first time and my wife jumped out of the bed.

My favorite character is probably Glenn, he got some in Season two. "Condoms?" "Ummm, yeah better be safe." LOL my favorite part.
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el ess A
formerly "el ess X"
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Michonne is going to be a very badazz character if they give her the liberty to do so.

Lori is now, by default, the most annoying, antagonistic, conniving witch left on earth. She really needs to join the undead. Hopefully she will. The actress that plays her basically sucks. It doesn't follow the comic book verbatim, but in this case I certainly hope so.

The arc of the human side of the story is how the ones left alive approach and deal with their destiny/humanity as it's forced upon them. It's interesting to see the gradual development of the characters based on the outcomes of what happens during the show, doing things the characters probably wouldn't be doing in a "normal" life, had it not been for zombies.

Maggie is kinda hot actually. Especially when she's chunkin' zombo's.

I like T-dog and Glenn, and even Herschel. They all have something to bring to the table. Even though T-dog didn't get much in the way of story or speaking lines ever since he got in a fight with Merle on the roof.

It's definitely intense. I don't think I'd have made it past the outpost outside Atlanta way back when if I had to do all that for real!
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