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Cleaning Black Cars

All the cars i have are black. Everytime i wash my car its nice out and end up drying the soap so quickly... Does any one want to share with me how they clean their car in hot weather?
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The Kwaz
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Unless there is a good layer of wax on there..this should not be a problem. If I know its been a while since my last wax I keep it wet till its time to dry..most people just rinse off the part of the car they are washing...I see my car starting to get too dry too quick I give it a quick spray over the entire car. I dry using a chamio, wait about 5 minutes, then pick up any spots I missed. I then proceed with a good wax
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What the last guy
-Don't wash/dry in direct sunlight!
-Don't use dish liquid...
-Do sections at a time...(top, hood, trunk, sides....)

check the detailing forums and the Zaino Junkies! :P
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in the shade

black gets hotter than any other color, so with that and the sunlight the soap bakes faster

i dont have much shade so this is what i do. i soap, wash, and rinse each side of the car seprately. but i wet the whole car down every time i rinse the soap off. once if dryed it, i wash the engine, low pressure water, wash mitt, and the same soap on used on the body of the car. use the air compressor to blow out any areas where water pools up and towel dry what i can. quick drive around the block, park in the garage, wipe up any water runs from mirrors, lights and such. then its on to waxing and polishing.
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yes....Great point liquidfire
"wetting down the whole car everytime you rinse"
I do that too!
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I own a black SS.

1. I NEVER wash it after driving, or in the sun. Try and wash it close to dusk.

2. I wash a section at a time, and rinse, before moving on.

3. If the soap starts to dry, rewash that section.

Owning a black car, I've learned alot of "tricks of the trade".

Hope that helped. If not, let me know.

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Turtlewax makes a Polished spray called Ice something or whatnot, which is good for all those smudges, light dirt marks, dead bugs, and water spots. Works even better when the car has been washed or at least dusted with one of those dust cloths or brushes.

With a black car, I could only imagine what water spots look like on that color. Gotta be a pain. This stuff will also polish the car and keep a nice waterproof coat on the car. It's a good spray for in between detailing which can be very expensive.
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Basically its like the guys above have said. The first thing is wash it in the shade. When I'm at home I have the luxury of washing mine in my dad's garage because he has a drain, but not everyone can do that. Also, do just sections and then rinse it off. I also make sure and go over and rinse the whole cars a few times to keep it wet. If you HAVE to do it in the sun, it helps to have two people to wash it, one using the mitt and another manning the hose to keep rewetting it. In the end if you find a couple water spots, just some quick detailer or just wet a towel and wipe them off.

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If you are forced to wash in the sun, have a partner there to just keep the car wet. Have them just walk around the car and keep blasting it with water while your washing the car. After you are completely done soaping the car, both of you drop what your doing and attack that car with chamois.
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I have a blk 67 camaro, carbon flash sky and a 40 ft rv and live in hot nm. My biggest problem was the rv because it can take a lot of hours sometimes, so I purchased a CR SPOTLESS deionized water filter which produces a spot free rinse. It has worked great for 3 years now and I use it on all my washes including 4 wheelers, motorcycle, tractor and even the mower. Cr spotless has there own site and I even believe it is available from Costco. Hope this helps.
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I used to professionally detail cars (22 years ago...) and learned when washing sections, start from the top down with both washing and rinsing. Roof, then hood, then decklid, then each side fender doors and quarterpanels, and finally the jams, wheels and wheelwells.

Also used a different washmit for the jams, wheels and wheelwells.
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Just washed my black camaro for the first time today. I also don't have a place to wash out of the sun. I washed in sections and then pulled into the garage to dry. By the time all was said and done, several sections of the car had been wet down multiple times and redried. It was a pain but pulling in and out of the garage helped keep the car cool.

Also, before I started I had everything lined out, hose, nozzle, two buckets (one with fresh water and one with the soapy water - not dish soap), towels, chamois...That allowed me to keep the car in the garage and out of the sun until right before I started the wash.

I was really sweating washing it for the first time. Took me over three hours but it looked great when I was done. Quick detail too that worked really well for taking out the hard water spots.
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