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Old 10-27-2012, 11:54 PM   #99
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I love the blue....would even trade in or sell my car to get it.....but the 21" wheels and 7 grand are not in my budget or possible.....guess I can be very happy to have my car. Awesome color, I dont care for all the hot wheels stuff ( its cool though) . But 37k for a 2lt is steep, that would be around 45 or 46k for the 2ss....right?
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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Maybe at Maaco, or a DIY project. Any real shop doing a decent full color change will run you over $3,500 easy... Unless you have a shop giving you a hook up on a great price for labor... as in under the table good buddy type deal. At 80 man hours that would be ~$43 a hour.

But That's not the point of the thread.
You are correct, $3500 for a complete paint job done correctly is way too cheap. Unless its MAACO. How do I know? Oh, I dunno, maybe because I have had my own small bodyshop in business since 1984? Anyway, the point is, I have never ordered a new Camaro because I wanted a decent bright blue metallic.I am NOT buying a new car to totally dis-assemble it and paint it. That is ridiculous. Many here at Camaro5 over the years know I have whined about it. I am going to SEMA this week, and I will check the car out. It looks cool from the pics! I don't know if I can afford the extra 7K for the Hotwheels package, but, hopefully, GM will let us order KBM on regular model Camaros....PLEEEEEEEZE, GM? Mr. Settlemire, can you shed some light on that possibility? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
I thought this part from the original post was pretty interesting:

I'm guessing this is the same blue that made an appearance not long ago on the pace car that we thought was Aqua Blue, but turns out it wasn't. Just a very similar blue, without the Aqua....which is what most people would prefer.

I think this is the medium blue that would sell well. The Aqua blue didn't because it looked horrible online and some people just don't like the "greenish" tint on cloudy days. I fall a little into that category, but to this day I still get compliments on the color...its amazing and I would never get rid of the car because ABM makes it one of the more unique Camaros on the road. I've grown even more fond of the color since I bought it back in 2009 and I love the sun its just spectacular. (sorry, I am a bit bias as well!)

But in a perfect world, if they had offered this metallic blue which looks like ABM does in the sun and still keeps more of a blue tint in the shade, versus Aqua Blue....I'd have gone with this.

I will admit that if this color is released it will likely make my car seem less unique which would suck lol.
I don't think your ABM Camaro would be any less unique if the KBM was offered on all new 2013 Camaros. Any real Camaro fanatic would know the history of this car and the ABM color rarity. Cheer up! Its time to celebrate! GM is bringing back an AWESOME COLOR CHOICE!!! YEEEEHAAAA! I just hope we can get the new blue on all Camaro models...
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Old 10-28-2012, 01:28 AM   #102
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That's cool, it has a touch of every awesome 5th gen Camaro model.
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I approve.
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Old 10-28-2012, 01:51 AM   #104
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The car doesn't feature anything new, period. For 7k your paying for the KB limited color, Hot wheels logo and the infamous red pin stripe. They could have atleast had the 1LE rims on it, even that would have looked nicer.

I already said it once but the SEMA Hot Wheels car that was featured in the green color should have been the model to release.

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I just fell in love with that color. I must have it.
(this was a joke, this was only a joke, If this had been an actual comment, the comment you just read would have been followed by or nothing at all)
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Despite all you nay sayers, I think the whole package is awesome. I like how that blue is only available on a limited production car. Although the Hot Wheels package and the Transformer packages aren't for me, they are very cool. In addition the Transformer packages sold well as will the Hot Wheels package. I don't think either packages are cheesy.

EDIT: If I had the money, I would buy it.
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love that blue
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Old 10-28-2012, 10:20 AM   #108
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light blue still too girly for me. When will we see a royal blue? 6th gen?
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Old 10-28-2012, 10:25 AM   #109
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
As a matter of fact, YES -- for a limited time.

You've (some in the Camaro community) have been asking - and we're delivering...........

(....I await 10s of thousands of orders!....)
I will pay cash for a Zl1 in that color right now! I absolutely love that color.
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so it's going to be 7K and when it doesn't sell they'll say people don't like blue.
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Blue Maro Demon

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This Hot Wheels Kinetic Blue Metallic is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I like it BUT GM needs to continue to offer this color of blue and have it debut the new Z28 when it is released with White graphics and stripes that would be an instant buy for me!!!
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Old 10-28-2012, 10:39 AM   #112
Blue Maro Demon

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GM is mistaken if they think that this type of blue color wont sell because it will sell like hotcakes once people find out and if they make it available on all models across the board! I get people telling me they love the color on my aqua blue metallic all the time. Of course it wont sell as much if its only limited to an edition like this though.
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